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    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (Part II - CURRENT)

    So I got my 311 fully up and running following all the great tutorials here, but I do want to add something that might help a few people out. I had a Broadcom Draft N card that I installed in the full sized slot and wanted to hook up, however I had no extension cables. I ended up finding a way to do it without purchasing extra cables. I took the keyboard off and the back pannel and gently guided the 2 wifi cables back out a bit until they were comming out of a hole near the hard drive. I then took the wires and pulled them through one of the holes on the plate that the keyboard is mounted too and strung them over to where the mini wifi slot is. I taped the wires down to the plate on the laptop case under they keyboard and had plenty of length to attach to the draft card. Now the 2 wires come up right next to the mini wifi card and reach pretty easily to the connectors on the full sized card. (I had to tape pin 20) Everything is working great now.... Hope this helps a few people that might have been going through the frustration of having no wifi and no easy way to get it as I was...
  2. vostro1320

    [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    Have not made snow leopard work yet, can you let me know how you did it... Also, are you using the nvidia gfx or intel?
  3. vostro1320

    [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    I have installed Aikos v7 on my sony Vaio sz670n with almost no issues. I have been able to make everything work and swapped my internal wifi card out for a broadcom. The only problem I have is making it work in speed mode. I am not sure how to install the Nvinjectgo.kext from the leo4all version as mentioned above. I did extract the kext and applied it, but upon reboot I just get a black screen. Any ideas on how to make my 8400m work so I can use speed mode, without having to go back to Leo4all 5.2
  4. I am just wondering if anyone has run into this or has a suggestion. I do not have brightness settings in my display properties for some reason and my screen is a bit darker than I would like. Does anyone know how to either add brightness or possibly make the FN keys work to do so? Using a Dell Vostro 1320 on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 As a side note it seems all other Fn keys are working besides the up and down arrowws (brightness ones)