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  1. Acer One ZG5 SL install

    I am working with the same machine right now. I have the audio working (Playback only) and that was with the VooDoo audio from IDENEB 1.6. I can't get the audio input working yet or the WIFI...
  2. Hey there, I am working on the same computer you have right now, turning it into a Mac. The best I can say I have come up with this far for wifi is to first off locate the file IO80211Family.kext install that.. This seems to open up the wifi with the generic Atheros Kext that ships with IDENEB 1.6 light. Now, I get the thing to boot with the WIFI coming up and all looks like it is working. HOWEVER, it can't locate any wifi networks during the scanning. That's where I sit as of right now. If I find the answer, to this, I will let you know. I am sure it's doable, the question is where is the Kext. Also, if you can let me know if you got onboard mic, working and how you did it, that would be great. I can't get that to work either. I have tried some variations, but nothing as of yet.