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    iDeneb No active message

    It seems like is not something big but I search the forum since yesterday and I can't find anything :/ So if anyone have any ideas just tell me please.
  2. Hey again I managed to install iDeneb 1.6 Lite Edition and after I restart my pc it tries to boot and gives me this I made the partition active through terminal but still nothing changes Any ideas that may help ? Thanks in advance
  3. That makes no different Raz cuz when u go to option on what u wanna boot when u select mac os u get an error saying that a file is missing/corrupt
  4. eolithix

    Mac Os X on Amd Dragon Platform pc

    It seemed like the Thread above helped a bit but I posted there now from boot0:error i get message with boot0:done and stuck there. also a guy suggested to install chameleon 2 I did and still the same ...
  5. ok I've had the boot0: error I se the right partition active and then ofc boot0: done (and nothing happens) I tried to install chameleon 2 as "pointblankshotx" mentioned but still didn't work so I guess we wait for other suggestions :/
  6. eolithix

    Mac Os X on Amd Dragon Platform pc

    Thanks a lot for this I also did a forum/non-forum search but didn't come up to this. I'll try that and get back.
  7. Hey I'm old/new around here am reading these forums as guest like 5 months or so and I registered just now cause I didn't seem to be able to get mac os x running my system is: Cpu: Amd phenom 9550 Vga: ati hd4870 M/b (critical part) : Sapphire purecrossfirex 790GX (Amd 790GX Chipset) Soundcard: creative audigy 4 or on board whatever will work on mac I guess HDD: WD 160Giga sata 2 G11/G5 keyboard/mouse What I tried so far is installing iAtkos v7 With many compinations of kernels drivers bootloaders etc And easyBCD for dual booting with windows 7 All of these resulted to "Boot0: error" appear when I try to boot on mac os but the installations was succesfull of course. Am about to try iDeneb altho from what I hear it wont make any big difference. I saw some posts around from ppl that was able to make things work with same cpu but not with this m/b. So I'd like to hear any ideas that might help. I can try everything out since I got a lot of free time latetly. P.S. I thought of installing the mac os x at a new HDD so it wont interfere with any dual boot stuff but dunno if there's any chance to work and I dont wanna spend money for nothing