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  1. UEFI

  2. Hi DanW, here's a video of the settings, my memory is 800 so you will have to change those according to your speed. The voltage has to be controlled on both memory and cpu. VCORE,Termination and PLL at "Auto" while high fsb will fry your chip no matter how good your cooling is. My idle is between 38C and 44c depending on ambient temp. ( my cpu push fan hasn't been working for a few months) load is between 55C and 60c
  3. Hi DanW I have overclocked my Q9650 to 3.9ghz running stable for the past year, if you are thinking of getting one.(Geekbench) I've been thinking of going SSD myself.
  4. Hi snowhacker, Seems like you are stuck at the point where it's looking for the bootloader. When you run the Lifehacker installer, did you point it to the USB drive with OSX Install on it? Both versions of OSX install work Take a minute to fill you signature with your hardware so we can help you more
  5. Hi Georgiles, Sorry to hear about the loss of your UD3P As for the GA-EP43T-UD3L being very similar except for Realtek ALC888 instead of Realtek ALC889A , you could always install the GA-EP43T-UD3L version of Carti 0.8, but I cant't see a difference from looking through the 2 installers - the hard drive should work. PM me if you need another mac to work out from or any help putting together, I live close to Hollywood 90028
  6. Rocketlynx, why not use the CarbonCopyClone second harddrive method of having a bootable backup? I'm using the same one too, only it resides in the EFI partition
  7. No problem here, did software update today, I have the Identical Lifehacker build, gonna try 10.6.5 10h529 delta update out of curiosity
  8. Be carefull not to keep VCORE,Termination and PLL at "Auto" while increasing fsb or you could fry your chip. Start with normal settings and slowly increase until stable.
  9. I have not been able to clock it higher than 3.8GHz, with default volts settings, Obviously mm67 know more about this. If you do clock it to 4Ghz with load temps not higher than mid 50s, please share your settings, which would save me a lot of time EDIT : Its stable at 3.9GHz , VCORE-1.27V ,CPU Termination-1.220V, CPU PLL-1.500V
  10. Thats right, default voltages (not AUTO) on CPU and memory keep it stable.
  11. This is Chameleon "boot" that comes with Cartri v0.8
  12. Thanks for the link GTS 250 is Rebadged 9800 GTX+ 8800 GTS similar to 9800 GTX 9500GT similar to GT 120
  13. Pressing the "end" key invokes Q-­‐Flash to scan for FAT32 Partitions only. Have you done this ?
  14. Very impressive for Q9550, whats your load temps?