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  1. Appreciate the help but still a no go. Think I'm gonna go full reinstall and see if something else got messed up because no applehda is working.
  2. DSDT is patched for audio. And i was on DP4 and there was an update for DP4 that was about 1gb. In settings i get no output for audio at all. I took the same applehda that worked and put it back and then nothing.
  3. I have the ex58-UD5 motherboard which is pretty great for a hackintosh. I recently installed DP4 and everything was working but when i went to the update 1 the sound stopped. I put back the AppleHDA.kext that i had used in the Dp4 install that was working but now it doesnt. Ive cleared the cache i even tried DD's installer for the audio kexts but still nothing. Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  4. Im a little late to the party and missed out on the ebay link. Anyone have a link for another 5v to 3.3 converter? Thanks
  5. Lion GM + ALC889a = not Working

    I have audio working fine. I took the DSDT from my original Snow leopard installation and put it into my lion installation in the /Extra folder and they have a ALC889A Lion GM Applehda.kext floating around. Just added the new applehda in to s/l/e and it worked. Maybe u just need the lion gm applehda
  6. I know there is a "fix" for some people but Ive seen a bunch of people with no fix. My problem is in keychain I don't have any certs at all let alone one signed by apple iPhone CA. The only fix is to delete a file that isn't there so it will try to get it again. Can someone attach the cert needed to use facetime under login/my certificates in keychain?
  7. Questions about Bluetooth and Timemachine on 10.7

    Regarding Bluetooth I have a Logitech Bluetooth USB dongle from an old mouse and it has a sync button on it. I'm not sure if this helps anyone but if I plug it in it won't work but if I hold the sync buton down as I plug it in Bluetooth pops up in the preferences and I can sync the keyboard and track pad
  8. Lion GM Facetime error

    Someone needs to share the cert so we can add it and see if it fixes the problem..
  9. I actually took my dsdt from my old snow leopard install that worked perfect and threw it in /Extra with the lion_gm_applehda_alc889a kext and everything is great now
  10. weaanna do you have audio working? Its driving me crazy lol. Im actually worse off then when i started and i returned the audio kexts back to what they were fresh install when i was able to choose the volume icon up top but now thats greyed out.
  11. I dunno what it is but audio always gets me. I deleted my dsdt.aml from e/e because maldons auto patcher says too. So i generated a new one with that and moved it to e/e and i still get nothing. Must be missing a step somewhere. Thanks for all your help btw, been using your stuff since i first got my ex58-ud5 few years ago now I have applehda.kext in s/l/e and i have the ALC885_889a.kext inside e/e. Ive used maldons editor and put the dsdt inside /Extra and the sound icon is greyed out in the task bar
  12. Lion GM Facetime error

    The whole problem is i don't have ANY certs at all lol. THis is a fresh install of Lion GM and i don't have any certs in keychain
  13. Lion GM Facetime error

    I have the same problem.. I'm running lion gm and i can't get FaceTime to work, same error
  14. I think u mean line out perhaps. All i have is external microphone, line out, digital out. How did u patch it, with your installer script?
  15. SOmeone gave me this file : lion_gm_applehda_alc889a It has an Applehda.kext. I put that into s/l/e and i lose the volume icon entirely.. right now i have the icon but no sound and with that applehda i get nothing at all