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    Volume Control of external soundcard

    Got the same problem with my presonus firewire card. I installed soundflower (with volume control patch) and volume slider is now working. Be carefull to take the soundflower version with volume control as standard one does not control volume. (google "soundflower volume" and you should find it). It acts as two virtual device (2ch and 16ch), you can map output of your card for each.
  2. Be more carefull about screens before clicking "Next" button !! Next screen after selecting your drive should have a customize button.
  3. First check in DiskUtility if your device is found but with a wrong filesystem that osx can't read(for example ntfs). You should see your device with grayed partition(s) if they are not recognized. In that case you need to format your disk with FAT partition if you want both windows and mac to see the drive. Note : If you don't see your device in DiskUtility, reboot with your usb drive attached. If you see it only if booting when plugged (no hotplug) that means that your kernel/system.kext mismatch (happens to me). Try an another kernel or system.kext.
  4. snikx

    Logic Pro with 2 USB Soundcards

    You have simply to make an "aggregate device" with Applications/Utilities/Audio and midi configuration Next in Audio Menu, you will find aggregate devices and add your two devices. You will then have a 4 input device that you can select inside Logic.
  5. I tried to have the same configuration working with osx and plex. My configuration was osx86 + plex + remote buddy (control plex from wii remote) with plex automatically launched at boot. Then i discovered xbmc-live that is linux based. You can easily install xbmc from the live cd into a usb flash disk or to a HDD. It is based on ubuntu linux so getting software as ftpserver, avahi, etc... is very easy. My config is 1,8GHz dual core with a 7300GS video card installed on a 20G usb drive. (all my movies are ftp-shared on my home server). I have installed Nvidia proprietary driver instead of driver provided because i had some glitches on movies. It takes about 25 seconds to boot, but sleep/resume works fine (less than 10s to resume). 720p mkv plays fine and wii remote also works with xbmc-wiiremote. You can easily try it without installing anything from the xbmc-live cdrom and you will get exactly the same features as Plex. I think you will get more hardware compatibility with linux than osx because you need QE/CI and opengl to run Plex properly. Nvidia and ATI supports all their cards under linux now.
  6. snikx

    is there media center software for OSX

    Another great soft is plex (a port of xbmc on mac)
  7. Try to re-install IONetworkingFamily.kext from your previous installation.
  8. snikx


    I have basically the same config and my ATI radeon 2600pro is working perfectly. I use radeon drivers from irc.osx86.hu channel #radeonhd. However, I use the DVI to VGA adapter and my screen is connected with a vga cable. I don't believe DVI is working right now with 2600 pro.
  9. snikx


    It's not possible to boot from a RAID0 partition on hackintosh. However, you can use software raid with "disk utility" to create a non bootable partition (data partition). I have a 320Gb disk for boot and a 2x500Gb disks for RAID1/RAID0 partition : 100Gb RAID1 + 800Gb RAID0 I use RAID0 as my DATA partition for video editing, it works great. Partition scheme must be GUID for software RAID.
  10. If you let the install DVD inside the drive, but do not press any key at boot, is it booting from HDD ? If so, you need to search forums for "startupfiletool". There is a procedure to follow from TIGER (or from a tiger install DVD with all the files on a USB key). For now your partition could be active and bootable but nothing is loaded, this is why you have the blank cursor. Works fine for me.
  11. snikx

    Topic sur les cartes directx 10 sous Mac OS X

    J'ai maintenant reçu ma 2600 pro mais Natit ne fonctionnait pas (aucun kext chargé) malgrès la modif du Info.plist avec les fichiers issus de la méthode made in Brazil J'ai trouvé d'autres kext modifiés (Natit + ATIradeonX2000*) et tout fonctionne QE/CI et changement de résolutions. Pour l'instant, c'est VGA uniquement. Un DVD devrait prochainement sortir avec tout ce qui faut dedans. Donc l'investissement dans une 2600 est un trés bon choix
  12. snikx

    Topic sur les cartes directx 10 sous Mac OS X

    Ce driver fonctionne-t-il sous leo ? Ma 7300GS fonctionne sans pb sous leo patché, et j'envisage l'achat d'une radeon HD2600pro... Merci pour vos réponses
  13. You could try ukelele application. You could completely remap your keyboard with it. http://mac.softpedia.com/get/System-Utilities/Ukelele.shtml
  14. snikx

    JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    I have try many things during all night but still no usb keyboard/mouse, get tired... I want to try something before re-installing Did someone get the same problem after updating to 10.4.9 using jas combo ?
  15. snikx

    JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Didn't work for me. From a working Jas 10.4.8, install terminated with an error message. Reboot. Boots fine but no USB keybooard or mouse after reboot but desktop is OK. After booting single mode, see the following error : kld() : Undefined symbols ....... Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI Try to remove kext from within IOUSBFamily but doesn't help. Any suggestions ? Thx