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  1. Thank you mate With your modified LaCie 1.0.10 kext now I've a Woster ExpressCard USB 3.0 (NEC ) up & running in my C2D MBP 10.8.2 But mine two USB 3.0 external hardrives (WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 and Samsung M3) both reports a maximun speed of 480mb/s the same that if they are plugged to a USB 2.0 port. [b]USB Super-Speed Bus: [/b] Host Controller Location: Built-in USB Host Controller Driver: PXHCD PCI Device ID: 0x7fa000000194 PCI Revision ID: 0x7fa000000003 PCI Vendor ID: 0x7fa000001033 Bus Number: 0x5c [indent=1][b]My Book 1140: [/b][/indent] [indent=2]Capacity: 2 TB (2.000.365.289.472 bytes) [/indent] [indent=2]Removable Media: Yes [/indent] [indent=2]Detachable Drive: Yes [/indent] [indent=2]BSD Name: disk2 [/indent] [indent=2]Product ID: 0x1140 [/indent] [indent=2]Vendor ID: 0x1058 (Western Digital Technologies, Inc.) [/indent] [indent=2]Version: 10.12 [/indent] [indent=2]Serial Number: 5743415A4146313530363731 [/indent] [indent=2][color=#ff0000]Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec [/color][/indent] [indent=2]Manufacturer: Western Digital [/indent] [indent=2]Location ID: 0x5c100000 / 2 [/indent] [indent=2]Current Available (mA): 500 [/indent] [indent=2]Current Required (mA): 2 [/indent] [indent=2]Partition Map Type: MBR (Master Boot Record) S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported [/indent] [indent=2]Volumes: [/indent] [indent=3][b]My Book: [/b][/indent] [indent=3]Capacity: 2 TB (2.000.364.240.896 bytes) [/indent] [indent=3]Available: 1,27 TB (1.267.986.489.344 bytes) [/indent] [indent=3]Writable: Yes [/indent] [indent=3]File System: Tuxera NTFS BSD [/indent] [indent=3]Name: disk2s1 [/indent] [indent=3]Mount Point: /Volumes/My Book [/indent] [indent=3]Content: Windows_NTFS[/indent] [indent=2] [/indent] Any clues about why is this? Both disks works at full speed if I start the MBP in the bootcamp partition. do you need something else or more data? Many thanks again
  2. Hi Gurus, I have MAC osX x86 10.4.5 running on a Travelmate 292ELM with a Celeron 1.3 Ghz and 512mb ram. But I'm having problems with the cardbus socket. I can't mate to work a DLINK DWL-G650 cardbus Wifi card. As read in the osX86project wiki this card is reccognized as an airport extreme ... But I'm unable to do it.... In about this mac I don't see any socket in the PC-card section so there seem's to be the problem... But how can I enable it? Any tips? Cheers, and thanks in advance for your answers.