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  1. Hi. So...I finally did it and I have my tiger working on vmware. But so far I couldn't find any solution to install a correct driver for the vmware's NIC. The one for os x 10.4.1 doesn't seem to work. Any idea? Thnx
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    countless reboot request

    got it. i had to do an "ad hoc" (ie custom) installation and select only the components i need (in my case amd).
  3. Hi all. I hope to be in the right sub forum. I'm trying to install a 10.4.6 on vmware. I followed all the guides I found on this forum. I created the virtual machine, booted with the dvd, and went through all the installation. Finally I had the b0 error and fixed with fdisk. Now the system boot from the virtual hd as expected, then appears "loading darwin/x86" and then shows me a grey screen with "you need to restart your computer. hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button". but when I restart the virtual machine the story is always the same.... what's the problem? help please! thnx in advance