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  1. I am having a hard time finding any information about softmodding in OSX NOT in windows. I would certainly like to softmod my mac mini geforce into a quadro. Anyone know how or got some ideas? links?
  2. oops my mistake about the graphics I shall got for the P35, and use either the 7300GTor the 8600GT, whichever of the two I get to work best. Thanks guys
  3. Gigabyte EP35-DS4 (use onboard graphics) http://www.scan.co.uk/Product.aspx?WebProductId=770819 or Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L (use 8600GT 256MB PCIe, or 7300GT 256MB) http://www.scan.co.uk/Product.aspx?WebProductId=866078 Planning to use EFI method. Am I right in saying my sata port setup shuold be as follows for 10.5.2: SATA 1 = DVD DRIVE SATA 2 = HD SATA 3 = SATA 4 =
  4. Hi, as the topic title says, I am looking for a UK based vendor of OEM/spares/parts. Why? Going to build a mac pro bit by bit! I have read about people in the US doing it. I have seen the logic boards for about £3-400 which is ok for a dual xeon board. Next step I guess is case+PSU, and the RAM cards.
  5. 24" imac up on ebay

    My baby is on ebay! I bought it new in april, but my work stakes me more into linux, so I am getting an HP workstation with Red Hat instead :S It's not a bad price considering the other ones listed and the extra software and hardware that I have added both at purchase and afterwards Cheers HERE IT IS! If you want to settle this with me personally email me: richardbensley @ gmail . com
  6. dvd player reinstall

    Make it easy on yourself and just use VLC player.
  7. Need a good unrar program

    as Ahmad said, The Unarchiver is very good!
  8. Photoshop CS3

    By Patch do you mean crack? So you can use it illegally? That kind of thing is unmutual! Do you know what happens to people who are unmutual?
  9. CAD software

    Autocad, Inventor, and Turbocad...FOR THE LOOSE! Studiotools, Solidworks, and Catia, FOR THE ULTIMATE MEGA WIN! Especially studiotools/aliasstudio for modelling, you can now stick a displacement map onto a NURBS surface, and convert the displaced object to a mesh, who doesn't love insanely high poly counts?
  10. What plain Unix distros are there?

    There is a difference between a Unix Variant, and a Unix Like OS. Linux is "Unix Like" it is not based on any part of the old Unix systems. HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OSX/Darwin, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, IRIX, etc are "Unix Variants". Opendarwin (now out of development) is what you might describe of as "plain". And NetBSD is compatible with just about ANY hardware configuration (Hence the motto "Of course it runs NetBSD"). Linux wise, a debian netinst will pretty much let you get on with it on, after a tiny install, and with a huge apt-get repository at your fingertips. TBH OSX has a lovely unix terminal sitting in there, and it's worth learning it as it is so accessible. However most public documentation covers linux aspects nowadays. Vendor wise: Unix: -HP -IBM -Solaris -Apple Linux: -Dell -HP -IBM (I am sure there are more) NOTE: OSX/DARWIN/NEXTSTEP, ARE NOT I REPEAT NOOOOT FREEBSD!!! They are built on BSD4.3 and a mach3 microkernel.
  11. Razer. Nicely built, VERY fast, and even more responsive.
  12. Mac OS X gui + linux kernel?

    4DWM > every other WM
  13. Where to find an installable OS/2?

    I have OS/2 I think it is version 2.11, floppy disk, boxed, manual good conditino, used once. Yours if you want it.
  14. nvm! emergency over! I did: $ drutil status which shew me where my DVDRW was
  15. hello all, as the title suggests I cannot find my DVDRW drive on my imac 24" in /dev. I am trying to use "dd". I noteiced the folders /Volumes and /automount but none of them have anything I can use with dd. here is my what ls /dev says: appleAE0 ptyu0 ttyr5 bpf0 ptyu1 ttyr6 bpf1 ptyu2 ttyr7 bpf2 ptyu3 ttyr8 bpf3 ptyu4 ttyr9 console ptyu5 ttyra cu.Bluetooth-Modem ptyu6 ttyrb cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync ptyu7 ttyrc disk0 ptyu8 ttyrd disk0s1 ptyu9 ttyre disk0s2 ptyua ttyrf disk0s3 ptyub ttys0 disk1 ptyuc ttys1 fd ptyud ttys2 fsevents ptyue ttys3 klog ptyuf ttys4 null ptyv0 ttys5 ptyp0 ptyv1 ttys6 ptyp1 ptyv2 ttys7 ptyp2 ptyv3 ttys8 ptyp3 ptyv4 ttys9 ptyp4 ptyv5 ttysa ptyp5 ptyv6 ttysb ptyp6 ptyv7 ttysc ptyp7 ptyv8 ttysd ptyp8 ptyv9 ttyse ptyp9 ptyva ttysf ptypa ptyvb ttyt0 ptypb ptyvc ttyt1 ptypc ptyvd ttyt2 ptypd ptyve ttyt3 ptype ptyvf ttyt4 ptypf ptyw0 ttyt5 ptyq0 ptyw1 ttyt6 ptyq1 ptyw2 ttyt7 ptyq2 ptyw3 ttyt8 ptyq3 ptyw4 ttyt9 ptyq4 ptyw5 ttyta ptyq5 ptyw6 ttytb ptyq6 ptyw7 ttytc ptyq7 ptyw8 ttytd ptyq8 ptyw9 ttyte ptyq9 ptywa ttytf ptyqa ptywb ttyu0 ptyqb ptywc ttyu1 ptyqc ptywd ttyu2 ptyqd ptywe ttyu3 ptyqe ptywf ttyu4 ptyqf random ttyu5 ptyr0 rdisk0 ttyu6 ptyr1 rdisk0s1 ttyu7 ptyr2 rdisk0s2 ttyu8 ptyr3 rdisk0s3 ttyu9 ptyr4 rdisk1 ttyua ptyr5 stderr ttyub ptyr6 stdin ttyuc ptyr7 stdout ttyud ptyr8 tty ttyue ptyr9 tty.Bluetooth-Modem ttyuf ptyra tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync ttyv0 ptyrb ttyp0 ttyv1 ptyrc ttyp1 ttyv2 ptyrd ttyp2 ttyv3 ptyre ttyp3 ttyv4 ptyrf ttyp4 ttyv5 ptys0 ttyp5 ttyv6 ptys1 ttyp6 ttyv7 ptys2 ttyp7 ttyv8 ptys3 ttyp8 ttyv9 ptys4 ttyp9 ttyva ptys5 ttypa ttyvb ptys6 ttypb ttyvc ptys7 ttypc ttyvd ptys8 ttypd ttyve ptys9 ttype ttyvf ptysa ttypf ttyw0 ptysb ttyq0 ttyw1 ptysc ttyq1 ttyw2 ptysd ttyq2 ttyw3 ptyse ttyq3 ttyw4 ptysf ttyq4 ttyw5 ptyt0 ttyq5 ttyw6 ptyt1 ttyq6 ttyw7 ptyt2 ttyq7 ttyw8 ptyt3 ttyq8 ttyw9 ptyt4 ttyq9 ttywa ptyt5 ttyqa ttywb ptyt6 ttyqb ttywc ptyt7 ttyqc ttywd ptyt8 ttyqd ttywe ptyt9 ttyqe ttywf ptyta ttyqf urandom ptytb ttyr0 vn0 ptytc ttyr1 vn1 ptytd ttyr2 vn2 ptyte ttyr3 vn3 ptytf ttyr4 zero thanks