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  1. Hey, I did this guide ages ago, and have not followed too closely since. System is still running flawlessly, aside from the display flickering after sleep issue, which I hope will be fixed soon. My only issue, which is minor and doesn't come up much, is the thunderbolt port. Has anyone managed to use data transfer over it? If I plug in my phone (USB C to USB C), I get no partition mounting (but I do get a new icon in my status bar that says 'USB Controller' with one option. 'Power off card'). I also tried using a USB-C to Female USB A adapter, which I've tested and used previously. It does the same thing. Is there any way to actually use the thunderbolt port for this? I successfully use it with a Thunderbolt-HDMI adapter (which has issues too. It has to be plugged in before the HDMI cable if you want to use both, and takes a few times unplugging->replugging if it's not plugged in at boot.) The only other issue I have noticed is the sound. Sometimes when I boot the system, the sound icon will be greyed out and not work. I have found a 'fairly safe' solution to this. If I boot with just the power cable (and no headphones or HDMI plugged in) it works pretty well. I can also boot with USB C->HDMI adapter with the power adapter and the sound will work. If I have headphones and/or HDMI in, it pretty much always fails.
  2. I'm still getting a weird Kernel Panic. It happens when I change my SMBIOS to Macbook9,1 using clover Configurator
  3. If I have a working setup, am I able to just run through the post install steps again? it's not going to change anything too drastically?
  4. I did the tutorial really early on. I'm deecewan from Tonymac. I remember the tutorial said that usb-c was not hotpluggable
  5. How long ago? Do I just need to update my smbios?
  6. This gives you hot-plug on the type C port? What smbios are you using?
  7. You'll need to change your smbios for the HDMI. Macbook9,1 is apparently the best, but I've been having issues. I've had problems with audio. Booting with headphones plugged in has helped in the past. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  8. Good to see you back, @wmchris. But, it seems every time I ask, the thread gets deleted. I'm still trying to get usb-c working. My problem is now that I get a KP with the Macbook9,1 smbios as generated by clover. It worked under Macbook Pro 13,3 but even that won't boot now and I'm back on the iMac smbios that came in the post-install. Any advice.