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  1. [Random] 9999 Replies

    it's 4:28am here but that has nothing to do with 169
  2. Guide: Leopard Install

    Just to try and make it easier for people to find, I figured I'd type up the method that worked for me(and seems most logical) Step 1. Acquire a copy of the Leopard Preview DMG(your on your own) Step 2. Use Boot Camp to non-destructively partiton your startup disc Step 3. Mount the image Step 4. Open Disk Utility Step 5. Erase/Format the Partition created by Boot Camp as a Mac OSX Filesystem(Journaled) Step 6. Click and select the image of Leopard from the list at the left. Step 7. Goto Convert and Convert to a "DVD/CD Master", This will add .cdr to the end of the filename Step 8. Drag the newly created .cdr to the left side of Disc Utility, Insert a fresh DL-DVD, then select the image and click the yellow burn button, or goto "Images>Burn" in the top bar. Step 9. After burning you can either Click on the "Install Mac OSX" icon on the new DVD and restart, or you can restart and start off of the DVD by holding down the C key on the keyboard, or by holding the option key to select the startup disc. I hope this helps some people out, feel free to point out/add anything(s) I may have missed here.
  3. can't install Leopard

    Another for the conversion method working, and Safari Seems to run loads faster than it did in Tiger.
  4. To run on normal DVD

    The method I mentioned DOES work. and if your worried about it fitting on a DL DVD, I must say it's not like they cost $30 bucks for a 3 pack anymore(at wallyworld)
  5. Boot Camp?

    Boot Camp 1.1(New Beta that was released today) will non-destructively partition your drive by default. Basically(my guess anyway) is that it resizes the free space of the primary partition and then creates a new one from the resulting. In otherwords partition-on my friend. Also to install Leopard, you will have to format the new partition(that Boot Camp makes) as a Mac OS after it is created...other than that just install the dvd/image as normal
  6. To run on normal DVD

    Apparently(read: in process of trying myself on my brand new MacMini), according to this thread you can do the following to get a bootable DVD(yet still Dual-Layer sized) The people in the other thread say it works, so I'm in the process of trying it right now, will post back with results.
  7. Does anyone know howto get this card working in Mac OSX86 10.4.5??
  8. I tried searching, so if this has been posted Please forgive me. Has anyone tried out the new Intel D101GGC with OSX86 I'm looking into upgrading from my D915GAG to something newer. The D101GGC is $68.99 on newegg and has the ATI Xpress 200 chipset so I would think there would be no problems with Video... Any insight would be appreciated
  9. At the darwin command prompt, where it says "press any key to continue or f8 for setup options" hit f8 then type "mach_kernel.nonx" and it should work
  10. Asrock P4Dual-915GL works fine, but...

    I used a patched Marklar Generic DVD with this board and everything works perfectly...
  11. Can't install anything

    I think the deadmoo image has the patched CoreGraphics, which is what I believe keeps Rosetta from working, I used the Developers DVD and the xpl0de method to install natively, and skipped patching CoreGraphics and Rosetta seems to work for me, as I can run iTunes and installl PPC binaries
  12. ITunes

    iTunes works on my Intel 515 2.93Ghz Prescott with SSE3 and native install.