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  1. I was wondering, followed most of the cookbook, didn't add SleepEnabler.kext, didn't add 0xcaf to nvhdamh50.kext (not sure how to...boohoo!!!) and didn't trim the S/L/E for the ATI kexts...since it should have been fixed...the issue I'm having with my m11x r1 (with discrete graphics enabled) is that the system doesn't boot up ok all the times, many times it crashes with the screen that has the power-on button background), and sometimes it boots ok...have anyone experienced this? I have also tries the method on http://kallaus.com (the page seems to be down lately - as of 2/21/11)...and same thing, system can't reliably boot up to OS level all the times... Any ideas? thanks!
  2. Just tried 10.6.6 via combo update on my gma950 latitude d820, and like the previous posts on how to install via leppy to 10.6.4 and 10.6.5, 10.6.6 is the same...! Just kexthelper the IONDRVSupport.kext (v.2.0, posted somewhere on this thread), and you'll get QE/CI back...wifi/ethernet is still working...since we are assuming that we started from the 10.6.4 upgrade describe on post #1101...well, that's what I used...since I'm not a power-user, not having sleep working is not a deal-breaker... The latitude's volume/mute buttons work, sound, wifi, ethernet, 1920x1200 resolution with qe/ci in a 15" laptop, and the most attractive, even the sim slot & pci-e slot built-in my latitude d820 works, so putting an internal built-in card is straight forward, and after installing the 3g card's drivers, I can surf via wireless broadband...! something that not even current generation of i5/i7 MacBook Pros can do! Haven't tried the Apps Store...some people think it's a way for Apple to exercise more control over OSX, but for non-technical users, it's an easy way to have the apps up to date...
  3. Thanks for the update...it's good to know that chances R good for 10.6.5 to work ok on the Mac-Dells...but I was wondering, since the d420/d620/d820/d830, inspiron e1405e, etc, etc...are already a few years old (and work great as hackintoshes), are there now any newer laptops aside from these models that would make good hackintoshes as well? maybe with i5 or i7 cpus? hmmm.... thanks!
  4. Just an update: Based on my post #1101 on this thread, I just upgraded my already 10.6.4 (using the steps described in #1101) to the latest software updates (like safari, itunes, some graphics blah, blah, java vm, security updates, etc, etc) and my gma950 Dell is still ok, with qe/ci, sound, wifi...the funny thing is that my Dell-Mac is now recognized as a MacPro4,1!!! It used to be MacPro2,1 before applying all the software updates! go figure... Now I wonder what will happen when 10.6.5 comes along? Hmm....
  5. just wondering, what are the specs of your dell d820? intel gma950 or nvidia? wifi card? screen resolution? sound working? ethernet working? SL 10.6.4? thanks!
  6. I was just wondering, since a lot of talk lately was on getting qe/ci to work on SL 10.6.3 / 10.6.4 on Intel gma950 based dells, what about the nvidia quadro 110m/120m on the d820? any tweaks that needs to be done for 10.6.4? Any feedback from users with this laptop? Just curious...Thanks!
  7. Glad to hear U got the qe/ci working! That's great! Please check http://ark.intel.com for compatible cpu pins for the e1405…I replaced my original Core Duo @1.66ghz with a Core 2 Duo T7200 @2ghz… I remember I read somewhere else that there r 2 more faster speed Core 2 Duo cpus that U can swap out with…(total 3)…mine is the slowest (and cheapest) of the 3... Cheers!
  8. Hi! I used leppy's install D620SLV1.iso (which is available on the 1st post of this thread)...installed SL 10.6.0, then applied combo update 10.6.2 then rebooted. Made a copy of the 10.6.2's /S/L/E/IONDRVSupport.kext (which is version 2.0), afterwards applied combo update 10.6.4 then rebooted, and after that used kexthelper to replace the 10.6.4's /S/L/E/IONDRVSupport.kext (which is version 2.1) with the previously saved /S/L/E/IONDRVSupport.kext from 10.6.2, and then rebooted again! No, I didn't use any of Matthieu's extra...you already have everything in your system to do the upgrade. I went straight from 10.6.2 --> 10.6.4...in my initial testings, I upgraded to 10.6.3, but since qe/ci didn't work, reverted back to 10.6.2; I have a backup copy of it...and it's a good idea to have a backup copy (I used SuperDuper!), especially with hackintoshes, because we never know what breaks with the next Apple update. With leppy's procedure, applying combo 10.6.1, and 10.6.2 goes A-OK, with qe/ci, sound, wifi, and laptop built-in lcd resolution working...it's with combo 10.6.3 that breaks AFAIK qe/ci, and combo 10.6.4 that breaks qe/ci & wifi... This procedure doesn't involve modifying /E/E or running /E/rebuild_mkext.command...so they R untouched, that's why it's so simple, compared to the many other methods posted everywhere which involves patching kexts, DSDT, EFI strings, multiple deletes or copies of kexts, etc, etc... In my experience, the Dell Inspiron e1405, and probably also the Dells in leppy's original list, are very hackintosh-able, and they are very inexpensive as "used" or "refurbished" laptops on ebay...! My Inspiron e1405 came originally with a 1.6ghz Core Duo cpu, but for performance I swapped it with a 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo...and maxed out its memory to 3gb...(2gb dimm + 1 gb dimm)...Not sure if it applies to leppy's list of Dells, but the Inspiron e1405 CAN'T recognize the full 4gb of ram...even if it had 2x2gb dimms, and I'm already at the latest A10 bios...the most it recognized was 3.25gb out of 4gb...so 0.75gb is wasted... Good luck with your upgrade!
  9. The easiest way to get back qe/ci for the Dell Inspiron e1405 with gma950 once upgraded to 10.6.3 / 10.6.4 via leppy's approach is described on: http://matthieu.yiptong.ca/2010/01/18/snow...me1405-updated/ It basically assumes that the user is at the SL 10.6.2 level...much easier procedure than the many convoluted ways to get qe/ci back to gma950 I've read in many different forums involving EFI strings, patching DSDT, patching the kexts, etc, etc... I'm not a power user, nor a QA, so I haven't tested if qe/ci is working good for day to day activities...All I wanted for my hackintosh is to be able to have qe/ci, sound, wifi, & correct screen resolution...I know that for many people, sleep is a deal breaker, but not for me... Below is the procedure in a nutshell (it worked for my Inspiron e1405, so YMMV): leppy 10.6.0 ---> combo to 10.6.2 copy /S/L/E/IONDRVSupport.kext (it's v2.0) combo to 10.6.4…the IONDRVSupport.kext is v2.1 kexthelper the 10.6.2's IONDRVSupport.kext….it replaces the 10.6.4's /S/L/E/IONDRVSupport.kext v2.1 with the 2.0 reboot To get WIFI back in 10.6.4, just follow the excellent solution posted b4 this post, which summarizes in: c00ds3062:~ leroi$ sudo -s bash-3.2# cd /Extra/ bash-3.2# rm -Rf Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext bash-3.2# cp -R /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext Extensions/ bash-3.2# ./rebuild_mkext.command then choose option #1 for 32-bit...then reboot... I guess U could do both the qe/ci & wifi without having to reboot the system twice...