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  1. ok, from a few readings ive found that this efi partition is used for firmware stuff so the OS disk remains standard and you even have the option of starting it up on a real mac<but not vise versa, because of the DSDT whos improper for the hack, obviously>. although on an intel mac this partition is empty and the sys doesnt requires it in order to boot. in our cases its not empty hope i helped in something... my efi install works flawlessly...
  2. if im not mistaking its using the partition thats being created on a regular GUID format <theres a 107 MB partition that is not visible on any partition being created>. i'll try to find a more accurate explanation.
  3. Post your Geekbench score

    does enybody wonders about the diffrences in the bus ferq? my off the shelf performance is 8114 in 32 bit, which is pretty good , but bus speed is 533, as opoused to others here with 4GHZ buses. just want to know the meaning of this and if thats a question of special tweaks in the bios. Thanks. EDIT: bus speed 536
  4. Hey Matt, I'm no expert, as you can see in my signature i do ran into troubles too, but my advice is for you to shut down all enhanceing options of CPU in bios and try booting. for me it gave me the chance of booing in -x mode (safe boot) and installing SL from there. my problem now is that SL also boots only in -x mode, otherwise i get a currupted screen right after succesfull boot. im guessing thats related to some more bios tweak and GPU... Insanely Mac is like walking in the dark hopping for someone would turn the lights on, but eventually if you stay long enough you get used to it and start seeing by yourself... hope it would help.. EDIT: problem solved
  5. Ok, after many many tries finally got Iatkos working on my machine, but boots only in safe boot (-x). didnt worried about it so much since i just wanted a sys to install from and -x doesnt bother me with anything. if im starting in normal mode or (-s) mode, 10.5.7 will shows me a currupted screen. I made all of what it says in this guide with succes to another HDs partition, it shows all the right things in the bootloader (Sys/Extra), in Sys Profiler my GPU is identifyed though it shows a max resolution of 1024x768, but if i try to boot in normal mode or (-s) it shows the same currupted screen. i suppose theres a relation between these two errors but cant figure it. any suggestions for what i should check/print in order get help here?
  6. ive updated the bios ver. from 1.07 <f7> to 1.20 <f9> to match your setup as much as possible. maybe i didnt understood your guide well- dont i need to boot the SL in the hackintosh itself and setting it up and than install the update 10.6.2 first before replacing the three files <com.apple.boot, dsdt and smbios>? or should i make the update from booting it in my macbook? right now i dont have the dsdt file in the extra folder of the installed drive at all, as you probably know.. maybe you can refference me to a place where i can learn about this processes instead of bothering you with stuff that you allready forgotten... ? sorry for all the trouble again, im trying to learn as much as i can. EDIT: tried to put the dsdt file from your mods folder in the root extra folder so the bios will stop resetting <didnt work>, also made a complete install on my macbook including all your direction accept for the final reboot after the qe_ci update since the kexts doesnt match the macbook, that didnt work either... cant get the SL running on the hack...
  7. Hey Cindori, bought a usb KB, you were right, that was the problem for typing the commands. but after the reboot i have a bios post error massage that tells me that the bios was reseted to the defaults because of that. tried a few options in my bios choises and none of them worked. do i need to change any more bios parameters in order to get it to work straight?
  8. ill check that as soon as the stores opens tonight. thanx allot for replying...:censored2:
  9. ok, ive had some more tests for the reasons it restarts after choosing single user boot and loading all the kext. after choosing the specific pci slot that my GPU card is in at the bios it stopped crashing but it holds and freezes instead of giving me the option of typing buildcache after the loading is done. quote of the last part of the loading page: singleuserboot -- fsck not done root device is mounted read-only if you want to make modifications to files: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / if you wish to boot the system: exit :/ root# and than the freezed corsur.... cant type a thing.... PLEASE HELP!!! and again, sorry for the mess i made to this wonderful guide...
  10. Hey Cindori, first, thanx for all your help here. its much appreciate... and now for the problem that im having: im using the same set up as yours <bought it after seeing this post>: i7 920 mobo ud5 3*2 gigs corsair 4850 <i checked with you first to assure compability> seagate HDs my bios revision is 1.07. now, ive done everything that your guide said. i have a macbook pro that has made the restore of the dmg <10a432> to the drive of my hackintosh and everything looks just like you described, untill the stage the machine is supposed to boot from the hackintosh it self and i should pick the single user mode and command it to buildcache. at that stage i see the camelion bootloader running after choosing boot from the drive instead of install osx <ive partitioned the HD with the second partition as the dmg and the first partition as the sys with the installtion itself>, all the kext are loding and everithing looks fine but when the load ends i get a strange doted view and the machine restarts. somehow this process resets the bios to the original values also. ive done the installtion a few times exactly as you mentioned and im getting the same results. ive checked the installation on my macbook pro <choose the hackintosh drive as the startup disk> to see if the installation went ok and on my macbook it boots up fine <looking for network and other preferences> so the installation should be ok. where do you think the problem is? is there something im missing in your install guide in order to get it to boot from the hackintosh? should i set the partition as active in the camelion bootloader? really sorry for the long post but im truely frustrated and clueless with this. wouldnt want to bother you with this but.... again, thank you for your time. AviEinZur.
  11. just ordered everything with the 4850 GPU bi gigabyte if that matters... and now the wait...
  12. Thanx allot for this guide and all the information, Ill let ya know what went ahead..
  13. sorri for the mess, but- can you specify other supported GPUs for that installation? cant wait to order...
  14. i have my hat off for you cindori!!! and for my questions: is this GPU would be compatible with the installation? just wanna make sure. im about to order tomorrow morning the exact specs accept for using a zalman case <gs1000+>, zalman CPU cooler <9500>, zalman PSU <zm600w>, and no akasa card reader or the bluetooth for now cause theyre not imported to my country and would take time. can you figure for me any problems that might happend from using this specs? thanx alott, really breathtaker you made there..