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  1. I got the install to work, OSX boots up and USB works. I know that the X200m is not supported unfortunately but I only need distro of OSX on my laptop for USB devices. When I boot to OSX my trakpad works and I can click things however the moment I touch my keyboard the trackpad/keyboard cease to function and the only way I can get any sort of HID input is if I use a USB keyboard/mouse. What bothers me is that during the iDeneb install, the laptop keyboard and trackpad work. Once I get into OSX though it doesnt seem to work. Any insight? I am not sure what KEXT would control this. Is this a southbridge issue? or a USB issue? I installed the ATI400 chipset kext through the install so I am assuming this is correct? Laptop Motherboard specs 4006148RMotherboard UMA w/ATI RC415MD w/o 1394 (FRU) North Bridge: ATI RC415MD South Bridge: SB460 Audio: SigmaTel 9200 KBC: ITE 8510 ExpressCard: Integrated in notebook Memory reader: Realtek RTS5116 Keyboard: KB matrix connected to keyboard controller (KBC) via motherboard Touchpad: Connected to KBC via PS/2 Port Thanks in advance, John