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  1. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    Ok, so after installing the new drivers, I have tried the following on my new mountain lion installation: Repaired permissions from my Mountain Lion installation thumbdrive to see if maybe they just weren't installed properly. Booted without your latest DSDT with both graphicsenabler=yes and graphicsenabler=no Booted with your latest DSDT with both graphicsenabler=yes and graphicsenabler=no Using the HDMI port instead of the Display port thinking it just may not be initializing the correct port. A Voodoo dance. Nothing seems to have helped It is important to note that when I check it in verbose mode it says the NVDAGF100Hal.kext is "loaded and registered" and there are no geforce related issues to speak of. Also, when the screen goes black there is no hard drive activity afterwards. I would think that if the system was still booting properly - yet without working graphics - that I would still see some activity.
  2. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I'm going to double check on my other installation, but on my new installation, doing graphicsenabler=yes has not gotten rid of the black screen... This was with the DSDT taken out, so maybe i'll try doing graphicsenabler with it back in. I'll have to do some testing.
  3. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I noticed the same thing about all the drivers being right in there, but when I checked them they did not appear to have the device ID for our cards in there.... Did you have to modify yours prior to installing? I used the installer to install mine for giggles and instead of getting stuck at TUFS, I now get a black screen. So, some progress I guess....
  4. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I'll give em a shot and report back
  5. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    Just with Mountain Lion right? I had it fully working with QE/CI in Lion.... Glad I found someone else with my issue. Do you have the same error messages that I do during boot in verbose mode?
  6. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    By using this guys mountain lion Nvidia drivers that has my same exact card http://www_.tonymacx86.com/graphics/70986-asus-gtx-580-direct-cu-ii-mountain-lion-not-native-support.html#post446602 I was able to get rid of the nvidia kext loading error. Makes no sense really since the drivers should be the same. Anyway, I'm still stuck on TUFS though. I tried your new DSDT on both my "old" mountain Lion installation and the brand new one on a separate drive and it didn't appear to make a difference. The only thing I've found about TUFS is that to fix it you need to remove the graphics drivers: http://olarila.com/f...php?f=27&t=1677
  7. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I tried this as well, thinking it made the most sense, so I installed Mountain Lion as a fresh installation on a separate hard drive. SAME PROBLEM with NVGF100HAL as shown in the verbose mode pic above! And this is of course with using Rampages DSDT. I'm stumped!
  8. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    Just tried this and removed SMBIOS. Same thing.... -v -f its stuck on TUFS, and -x -f -v almost gets it to the desktop. I do get hard drive activity when its stuck at the white screen, I just can't move my mouse (which doesn't look to be initialized since there are no lights on it).
  9. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    Ok, just tried that and got no difference in the error message with -v debug=0x144 I also tried with just debug=0x144 and it didn't give me that same generic panic, but was hard locked on the spinning circle. Doing -x -v debug=0x144 again made it almost boot but is stuck on the white screen with a frozen cursor in the upper left on the screen just when it was about to go to desktop. FYI, I have been told by someone with my exact card that the "Nvidia GTX 470/480/570/580 support" option in mbeast caused him to have some issues. I did use that option in mbeast when I initially set up. Do you know which kexts specifically that this option modifies?
  10. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I very much appreciate your work Rampage. I am still having trouble booting when carefully following your suggestions, and now cannot get in even with -x. I put the custom DSDT in /Extra and I added the exact options you suggested in mbeast. Trying to do a standard boot gets me what I had before, which is a "you need to power down" panic message (no information, just that generic crash message). Trying to boot with just -x gets me a white blank screen just when it is about to get into the desktop gui. You cannot see it in the picture, but I have a frozen mouse cursor in the upper left. When trying to boot with -x and -v, I get stuck at the "TUFS" message, which previously I have only been able to get past when I remove my nvidia kexts from S/L/E from my Windows installation and delete the extensions.mkext. I have not tried removing the Nvidia kexts to try and get past this yet. I'll wait for your suggestions. I think that nvgf100hal error message is a big part of the problem.
  11. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    No problem, it is attached: Breathless’s Mac Pro.zip
  12. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    Attached is my DSDT that I just extracted with Chameleon Wizard. Note that I have not thus far been using a custom DSDT. I learned that I am able to get my resolution to 1600X1200 if I change it with the "Graphics Mode" string in the boot.plist, but I still have to boot in safe mode since it is unable to properly initiate NVDAGF100Hal.kext even though my device id is properly inserted. My card appears to be detected correctly in system profiler as well. It cannot be changed to any higher than 1600X1200 though, and it can only be changed in the graphics string and not at all from "display" within system preferences. It makes no sense. This is what I get during the boot process in normal mode (with -v) with the default mountain lion nvidia drivers: "kxld[com.apple.nvidia.nvgf100hal]: The following symbols are unresolved kxld[com.apple.nvidia.nvgf100hal]: ___ZN11IOPCIDEVICE9metaClassE can't load kext com.apple.nvidia.nvgf100hal - link failed Failed to load executable for kext com.apple.nvidia.nvgf100hal kext com.apple.nvidia.nvgf100hal failed to load (0xdc008016)" It never finishes booting. When I boot with -x, I can boot, and my profiler shows the following: Breathless DSDT.zip
  13. Asus GTX 580 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 - Not natively working

    I really appreciate that! I'll upload my DSDT later today
  14. Ok, I've tried so hard on my own and come up short, so now I need to ask for help. I've hackintoshed many a system, but this one is driving me nuts for the past 4 or 5 days and i'm about to give up. I have the Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard, and have followed a good guide to get fully up and booted. I have upgraded my bios to the one at the Asus Modified bios repository to try and fix powermanagment. In my case, it didn't seem to work, so I just had to use nullcpu to get booting otherwise I get a kernel panic. No biggy. This bios doesn't seem to have done anything actually, as my issue below is no different either before or after flashing to it. Everyone keeps saying that the GTX 580 is natively supported, but mine isn't working properly under Mountain Lion. I can get booted up, but with the default drivers, only with 1024X768 resolution and only in safemode. FYI, my graphics were working perfectly in Lion 10.7.3 with modified kexts injected with my device ID. The new drivers in Mountain Lion have my device ID in it by default, and still aren't working. Actually, with the default drivers, in order to get past the "TUFS" error message, I have to fully remove them or replace them, then I can boot without safemode (but still stuck at 1024X768). Things I've tried: ---Graphics enabler yes / no ---NCPI=0x2000 / 0x3000 - This corrupts my Mountain Lion installation for some reason as soon as I try it. Its done it to me TWICE. No amount of safemode or bootflags gets me booted up again, it just freezes at different messages during the boot process right after where it initializes the ethernet driver. I can't even boot from my TonyMac installation USB boot drive and then choose my OSX partition. I even tried booting the installer and doing repair disk and repair permissions... nothing gets me back in after this! I can however boot into the Mountain Lion installer from the USB drive, and after a reinstallation, I can get booted up again. ---Replacing the new OSX nvidia drivers with mine modded drivers from 10.7.3 and even tried modded ones from 10.7.4. The driver seems to be getting loaded in the boot process no problem (I watch it closely in verbose mode), but I'm still stuck at 1024X768 when it boots. What the french toast?! ---PCIROOTUID=1 and 0 - This does nothing ---Injected EFI string for Graphics card in boot plist Any suggestions would be appreciated! I love this board and want to be done with this issue already.
  15. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Make sure your bios is set up to boot off of the proper hard drive...