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    Submerge Your PC In Vegetable Oil

    40-odd degrees? BAH! This one gets to -61 degrees celcius. And it was posted earlier than Tom's version. http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/article.asp?SCID=&CIID=26054
  2. I'd like to know more about this great little app. I'm running a Macbook, so I don't know how it responds on other, more powerful Macs. As far as I'm aware, the Fn key on any laptop keyboard doesn't generate a scancode (command that corresponds to a function) to make the key transposition easy. Is there a scancode generated by Windows when you press the FN key on a macbook? If so, is there a shift-key-to-enable-capitilisation registry hack going on, using Windows' multimedia keyboard scancodes? Or is it something more sinister, like hardware level key detection and that?