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  1. Hi all, Looking through the posts, it seems people can either get this working fine, or their time machine has problems doing a backup. I'm having a slightly different problem and wondered if anyone else had come across it. I can't get Time Machine to show the NAS disk at all in it's "Select Disk" setup dialogue. I have followed the steps to create the sparsebundle, added the plist file and copied to my NAS (a QNAP 209 mounted via afp). I've done this quite a few times in various combinations: in terminal, in terminal as root, in Disk Utility. I've also tried mounting via SMB and using IP instead of hostname but neither make any difference. I've added the "TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1" preference to the com.apple.systempreferences domain as recommended in various other forums (though that domain didn't already exist on my 10.6.1 MBP - not sure if there's a clue there), and rebooted for good measure. Still no visible backup disk. I'm extremely new to Mac (though not to unix) so I'm wondering if I've overlooked something really really basic. Can anyone point me toward some useful logs? I've checked Console and the logs shown in the Profiler but can't spot anything relevant. Any hints gratefully received. Hugh