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  1. Entering "-v -x" at boot prompt looks as though it's about to load (lots of scrolling text) but then just loops back to the beginning. "-s" also says "loading Darwin.." but then just sends it into a loop back to the beginning. I can only get into Terminal from the old Kalyway 10.5.1 boot DVD.
  2. Hi folks, I had my Dell Dimension 5150 working great with Kalyway 10.5.6. Recently decided to upgrade to 10.5.7 as software I want to use requires is. I used the IDeneb 10.5.7 updater and it seemed to install fine but now won't boot. It comes up with the Dell splash screen and just keeps looping. If I interrupt and boot with flag -v, etc, it gets to the Apple logo and then sticks. Anyone know if I can get my system back without doing a complete reinstall? Thanks folks, Robert.
  3. Wilse

    geforce 6200 Le 265mb vram, 2 monitors

    Excuse my stupidity but how do I find my nvcap value?
  4. Wilse

    Dual display *almost* working

    Hi folks, I have natit installed with two displays connected to an NVidia GeForce 6200 via a DVI to VGA adaptor. When I switch on, both displays start up. However only the one connected to the vga port shows up after booting. If I only connect a display to the DVI port it'll work but if I then connect the other display and click 'detect display,' it switches to the VGA display and the DVI one goes blank. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, Robert.
  5. Yup - managed it by using NVinject. Now have L9.0.2 running beautifully 1900x1200 on my 19" monitor. Yamaha 01x mLan is working nicely as well. Just need some more RAM.....
  6. Wilse

    Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    I thought I'd followed this correctly but am getting: "System extension cannot be used... Natit.kext was installed improperly.."
  7. Wilse

    Help with OSX86 for Logic Pro 9

    Probably not much help but I have an operational 9.0.2 install on my Dell 5150 desktop. Logic is the boxed, retail version but, although I have two retail version of OSX (Tiger & Leopard) I used Kalyway installer for OSX. I don't have onboard sound working yet but probably won't bother as I'm using an M-Audio Ozone interface and so far I can record and playback through that. I've yet to try any external MIDI on it.
  8. Hi folks, I now have Logic 9.0.2 running on my Kalyway 10.5.3 hack. (It asks for the serial every time it launches - if anyone knows a way around this please let me know) Now that I know it works, I've decided to upgrade the machine with more RAM (only 512MB at the moment), a firewire card (for Mlan 01x) and a new Geforce 6200 TC graphics card. The idea is to use it as a dedicated recording machine, freeing up my Macbook for gigs and general computing. Anyway, the question: Is it possible to add the graphics card without reinstalling OSX from scratch?
  9. Yey! I finally managed to get back to a working 10.5.1 system again!
  10. I might actually do just that but will need to purchase another drive. In the meantime I'm erasing the existing drive and will probably stick OSX on it. How did you install chameleon? I have it on a USB stick which doesn't appear after booting from OSX DVD.
  11. OK, I now have a Dell PC with 3 blank partitions (including the small boot partition) I have copies of: OSX 10.5 retail OSX Kalyway 10.5.1 WinXP Win7 Before I start from scratch, anyone any tips/opinions on what to install and where?
  12. Bugger it - I think I'm going to wipe it and start again!
  13. I tried to follow the tutorial on installing chameleon here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=164809 but when I type, "fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0" I am getting: fdisk: could not open MBR file boot0: No such file or directory
  14. Wilse

    How to install Chameleon manually (v 2 and v 1)

    I'm getting this too.