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    EDGE is Down for the Count

    Today, it appears that all devices that are using EDGE technology in the mid-east of the US might not be working for quite a while...until February 5th. It seems that the servers that control at&t's edge network are out, meaning that no EDGE will work. This seems to affect users from Chicago to Kansas, a strange area if I do say so myself. Again, at&t said that EDGE service might be out until February 5th at the latest. If you are affected by this, let us know! Full Story
  2. Numberzz

    Demonoid is Back Online(Updated)

    After all this confusion, Demonoid is finally back online, which follows yesterday when their tracker became active. First, speculation was that the CRIA shut down Demonoid. Then, we found out that Demonoid was down for maintenence, it was a sigh of relief for all of us at the OSX86 community. Demonoid has this to say: “We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic because of this. If you reside in Canada, that is the reason you are being redirected to this message. Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience.” So it seems that people that reside in Canada will have limited access to Demonoid from now on. Not much more is known at this time. EDIT: Demonoid has now been confirmed to be offline again.
  3. Numberzz

    President Clinton: iPhone User

    It seems that the world just can't get enough of blurry stills depicting strange events. But this one is a little less blurry than the rest, and proves that Former President Bill Clinton is, in fact, an iPhone user. It seems as though Bill got the iPhone fix directly from the all-mighty Steve himself. More and more famous people just love Apple's new device. Full Story
  4. It seems as though the Mac is becoming more popular throughout the world. For the month of September, the percentage of users running the Intel version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system grew to 3.23%, up from 2.82% in August. Some of those users appear to have upgraded from systems running the PowerPC version of Mac OS X, which saw its share dip slight to 3.33% from 3.38%. When combined, however, Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac systems count for more than 6.61% of the worldwide computer installed base in September, according to Net Applications. That is a 40% surge from the same time a year ago, when both versions of Mac OS added together for a 4.72% share. It also represents an increase from August, when both versions combined for a 6.15% share. Note: you have to add "Mac OS" and "MacIntel" to get the complete Market Share. Apple also continues to survive well in the browser world, with usage of its Safari browser increasing a not-too-shabby 43% throughout the past year. Net Applications says that Safari was 5.07% of web usage in September, up from just 3.53% during September 2006. Usage of the Safari browser was also up more than 8% from August when it was 4.68% of all web browsers. Overall, Safari posted the largest share gain of any other browser during September. Apple's Stock continues to rise and it is now near its all time high, at $154.04 at 11:31 Eastern Time. Full Story
  5. Numberzz

    iPhone: Now with 3rd Party MMS

    The iPhone has been missing this since the day it was announced: MMS. But now, with the use of a 3rd party app, you can share pictures with your friends! Just simply enter the title, person to send it too, and the photo itself (sorry, no videos yet ). But this does have one caveat: that you cannot get MMS messages that your friends sent you. But even with this annoyance, it is a great step forward. You have to manually install this one, not ready for Installer yet. Full Story MMS Application Page
  6. Today, many hackers released a GUI jailbreak method for the iPhone. There is one hitch though: you need to downgrade your iPhone or iPod Touch back to 1.1.1 first. The software, on both OS X and Windows, grabs the data off your iPod Touch or iPhone, upgrades it with the Jailbreak, installs Installer and SSH, and itself, back to your device. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes and afterwards, you have a fully updated 1.1.2 jailbroken system. Full Story GUI Jailbreak Software Full Guide
  7. Numberzz

    HUGE Leopard ScreenShot Gallery

    Appleinsider has posted a gigantic screenshot gallery of Mac OS X Leopard. This gallery comes two days before the official release of Apple's Operating System. They have 5 pages of screenshots, each page having up to 40 screenshots! They cover the basic features of Leopard, such as, Time Machine, Spaces, and Stacks. I have also been working on the Leopard review for a while now, and if you thought my Office '08 Review was long.... ScreenShot Gallery
  8. Just today, after the Apple online store was down for a few minutes, Apple has upgraded the storage capacities for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Now, the iPhone comes in 8GB and 16GB, $399 and $499 respectively. The iPod touch now comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, for $299, $399, and $499 respectively. Sadly, the prices haven't lowered, they only increased space.
  9. Numberzz

    Tweaking Guide to OS X Leopard

    Sometimes Shapeshifter doesn't cut it. Mostly because it costs money. But what if you could tweak Leopard to your heart's content? Well now you can, for free. There are a few little single purpose applications that can edit the color of the menubar, tweak the Dock, "fix" Stacks, customize the login window, add features to iChat, add some plugins to QuickLook, and change icons. The list of applications is linked at the bottom of the article. Guide
  10. Numberzz

    The "Mac Guy" was Right

    A while back, when the "Mac Guy" and the "PC Guy" ads were just starting, Mac was talking about creativity on a Mac. He said that you can be much more creative on a Mac, so you will love media more. Well, it turns out that he was right. Almost half of all Mac users had paid for music through various digital methods, while only 16 percent of PC users did the same. 28 percent of PC users reported buying physical CDs to get their music, but Mac users beat them again at 32 percent. Mac users were more likely to actually use their iPods too; 34 percent of Mac users had put music onto their MP3 players, compared to only 16 percent of PC users. Who doesn't love high quality? Full Story
  11. Numberzz

    Stacks added to Installer.app

    For a while, you have been able to install a stack on your iPhone or iPod Touch. But just recently, the ability to add a stack has been added to Installer.app. Stacks behave the same that you would expect them to. Just tap "Install Stack" and restart your device. The stack will be added to your Dock. One is added to the Dock and when you click on it, it's contents fan out. Here are some screenshots: Image of the Stack Installer
  12. Numberzz

    Apple Updates MacBook, MacBook Pros

    As expected, Apple updated it's products today. Today Apple released the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, featuring the newest Intel processors, LED displays, and more: MacBooks: $1099. Macbook 13" 2.1GHz / 1GB RAM / 120GB / Combo / White $1299. Macbook 13" 2.4GHz / 2GB RAM / 160GB / Super / White $1499. Macbook 13" 2.4GHz / 2GB RAM / 250GB / Super / Black MacBook Pros: $1999. Macbook Pro 15" 2.4GHz / 2GB RAM / 200GB 5400RPM / 256MB VRAM $2499. Macbook Pro 15" 2.5GHz / 2GB RAM / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB VRAM $2799. Macbook Pro 17" 2.5GHz / 2GB RAM / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB VRAM The new MacBook Pros feature a MultiTouch trackpad, similar to the one on the new MacBook Air. I can't tell if the Trackpad on the new MacBook Pro is larger than the previous generation, but comparing it to mine, it does look a little wider. MacBook MacBook Pro
  13. Numberzz

    Quicktime Update....

    As it turns out, Apple's latest Quicktime update seems to be breaking some people's computers. The update, after it is installed and the computer restarts, brings you to the setup assistant. Weird, right? When finished with the setup assistant, you get another setup assistant to greet you. And another. And another. But there seems to be a simple enough fix: booting the computer in safe mode. Yes, just hit the shift key on your computer after you hear the chime, and hold it until the spinning cog appears. I'm glad I didn't update. Full Story
  14. Numberzz

    Leopard is a Best-Seller

    Today, Apple's next generation OS, Leopard, topped Amazon's best seller list. The single client version is first while the family pack is second. Currently, Amazon has Leopard single user for $109 and the Family Pack goes for $189. Some things to consider a day after Gartner claimed that Apple had a 8.1% market share: that Mac software has 5 of the top 10 spots on the list. Office 2004 is at 4, iLife '08 is 6th, .Mac is 7th, and Parallels is 10th. Also, 10 of the top 20 spots are taken up by Mac software. Full Story
  15. Numberzz

    Apple Announces Leopard!

    While Apple has been silent about Leopard's release date, they might be coming out of the closet as soon as tomorrow. Many sources have said that October 26th at 6:00 P.M. is the final release date, and we all hope that Apple will let us know tomorrow. This past weekend, an internal GM candidate build was released, and this is probably the final. If Apple lets us all know tomorrow, this will have been the shortest time in which Apple has let customers get Leopard for a reduced price if they bought it after it was announced. Full Story
  16. Numberzz

    Happy 4th of July

    To all fellow Americans: Happy Independence day!
  17. Today, Net Applications just released numbers that confirm the browsing market share of Mac OS X (Retail and Mobile) have risen. The Retail version of OS X has gone up to 7.3%; 3.28% for PPC and 4.02% for Intel. This is the second largest jump in market share ever, where, in January, Mac market share went up .55%. But there is more good news: the iPhone/iPod Touch market share is rising. It seems that, when the iPhone was released in July, it had a .04% market share. But now, in December, it has a .12% market share. That means that in 6 months, the iPhone tripled it's browser market share. Full Story
  18. First of all, I know this isn't related to Macs or technology for that matter, but it's still quite funny. It seems that Italy has actually legalized music sharing. Now, any music that is not lossless quality can be legally shared across any P2P network. The Italian government said that it is for scientific or educational purposes, but it will make suing people who shared illegal music harder. Full Story
  19. Numberzz

    Strong iPhone Sales in France

    France loves the iPhone more than the UK, but not as much as the US. During the first 5 days, it is reported that over 30 thousand devices have been sold. About 20% of the iPhones were unlocked with the $150 fee, and another 50% came from another competitor. In comparison, after two weeks, O2 has only sold 26.5 thousand. In the US, about 82 thousand were sold in the first weekend. Full Story
  20. Numberzz

    Apple Launches Wep App Directory

    Today, Apple launched it's web Application directory for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The Application directory breaks applications down into categories: Games, News, Sports and Weather. Each application listing provides a short description of that application's function, the name of its developer, associated web addresses, and the date the application was approved and posted to the official company list. Full Story Web App Directory
  21. The 8GB iPhone on the O2 website has been reduced by £100 to £169 until June 1. This further reinforces speculation a new iPhone (3G maybe) is soon to be released. For those who know the currencies, that means that an 8GB iPhone in the UK is only $331.50. That is a full $67.50 cheaper than the $399 version here. The Apple UK site however still is selling it at the original £269 which I'm sure can't last. Many people are now purchasing the iPhone at the reduced price, simply to unlock it for another network.
  22. Numberzz

    Apple Releases Leopard Ready Software

    Last night, Apple released several updates that provided compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard. Also released was a update that addressed and issue that caused an account that was created in Mac OS X 10.1 or earlier to become impossible to log in to. Aperture 1.5.6 Update -Mac OS X Leopard Compatibility -Resolves some minor compatibility issues with iPhoto 7.1, which organizes images by Event rather than Roll. -Addresses issues related to metadata and sort order when sharing previews with iLife Media Browser. -Improves reliability of queries based on Import Session. -Addresses reliability when recovering an Aperture Library from a Vault. Backup 3.1.2 -Reliability improvements. -Compatibility with Leopard and iWork '08. Server Admin Tools 10.5 -Updated to support Mac OS X Leopard GarageBand 3.0.5 -Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5. Full Story
  23. Numberzz

    Transmission 1.0 Released

    Transmission was finally taken out of beta form yesterday. The 1.0 release spots a new icon and a nice new interface, along with a few more changes. These include: -- Group labeling, filtering, and sorting -- Leopard: Time Machine will ignore incomplete downloads -- Display remaining time for seeding transfers -- Ability to set global and per-torrent number of connections The new version can be downloaded from the Transmission Website or from the "Check for Update" menu item in the application itself.
  24. Numberzz

    Leopard Finalized?

    Appleinsider is reporting that Apple has finalized Leopard. It seems as though Apple has sent its training material to its support staff. Included in the materials was training on some of the operating system's most popular features and components, such as installation methods, Mail and Boot Camp. All signs have pointed to a release of Leopard during the week of Oct 22nd, and singling out Oct 26 for the official launch. Full Story
  25. Numberzz

    A Few Mods for Leopard's UI

    Lately, many mods have been released for Leopard's UI. Here, I will show you a few of them: 1. Opaque Menu Bar This one is quite simple, it only involves editing a variable in one of the preference files. A very simple edit can lead to a much better menu bar. Full Guide 2. Custom Stack Drawer Icons If the custom drawer icons just aren't enough for you, TUAW shows us all how to make new drawer icons with an image editing program as simple as Preview. Full Guide 3. Recent Items In Dock We all know that the smart folder in the Finder's Sidebar cannot be dragged to the Dock. But someone has found a very simple way to add a recent items Stack in the Dock. You can choose from Recent Applications, Recent Documents, Recent Servers, Favorite Volumes, and Favorite Items. This is a very welcome addition. Full Guide Source of All Hacks: TUAW