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  1. I just upgraded to 10.8.2 (M1530) with the new DSDT and new VoodooHDA, and ethernet no longer works after waking up from sleep. I had this issue sometime before, but it fixed itself while I was tinkering with something else and I don't know what exactly causes it. Any ideas?
  2. AFAIK our trackpads don't support more than 2 simultaneous touches... Hopefully I'm wrong, but then someone would've figured it out by now
  3. Check the post in my signature. You will find all M1530 files for lion in the package linked in it.
  4. Don't copy the kernel from snow leopard. the error message is most likely because the default boot partition is defined incorrectly in the com.apple.Boot.plist in the Extra directory. If so, just delete the line that defines it (eg. "hd(0,1)").
  5. Make sure you put VoodooPS2Controller in /System/Library/Extensions and that you delete the one in /Extra/Extensions (if you got the original package I posted). AppleACPIPS2Nub should be removed if you have it. Also make sure you fixed permissions properly ($sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions && sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions)
  6. Did you use all of the files in the zip? I found that changing even one file broke sleep for me - including DSDT, VoodooBattery, etc.. except VoodooHDA...
  7. Hi guys, here's a complete package for lion on XPS M1530 - includes complete Extra directory, kexts to be installed to /S/L/E, and bootloader. Hope this helps anyone else who's struggling to make everything work at the same time What works with this: -Keyboard/trackpad stuff (tap to click, dragging, two finger scroll, etc) -Battery Icon/SpeedStep/Sleep -Graphics/Sound Download package Don't forget to backup, fix permissions, etc etc! Also, you may need to change the com.apple.Boot.plist to set your default partition and other settings. Edit: I *finally* figured out a fix for two finger scroll - I went to Universal Access, Mouse and trackpad tab, then toggle the scrolling option and voila, it works. So there's no need to update the package Edit2: Never mind, that didn't fully work. I've updated the package with a different VoodooPS2Controller which works and doesn't break sleep. Here's how to get it working after all the files are in place and permissions are fixed: 1. Backup and remove trackpad prefpane from /System/Library/PreferencePanes 2. Install the included Trackpad.prefpane (double click it). It will not open yet. 3. Open the applications folder. Right click System Prefs, click "Get Info" and enable "Open in 32 bit mode" 4. Now the trackpad prefpane will open. Configure it how you want and close. You can now disable "Open in 32 bit mode" again. 5. Enjoy
  8. Thanks, but the trackpad prefpane just says error like my old patched one that I tried... and the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext is the same as one I already tried... and I have the PS2 prefpane which I removed anyways
  9. Good news. did a load of weird stuff with the bootloader and smbios settings, mixed and matched some stuff from LatinMcG's post above, got a newer version of VoodooBattery (all versions of AppleACPIBatteryManager that I tried gave me kernel panics), and now sleep is finally working fine All that's left is a working trackpad prefpane.. but I'm not too bothered about that anyway
  10. Thanks, ill try this after school. Btw, I should mention that I also have voodoohda , voodoobattery and fakesmc in /s/l/e . what are you using for power management? I don't think putting voodoops2.in /s/l/e would make much difference, since I lose keyboard in BIOS.and bootloader too.
  11. Yes I am. This keyboard thing only happens after the weird sleep reboot, otherwise it works fine Thanks btw, your time is appreciated
  12. You mean like the long boot that happens after an incomplete POST? That's weird... Here, it reboots when I hit sleep and then keyboard doesn't work till I force full POST in bios.... I've attached my current Extra directory. The DSDT that I'm using right now is based off the one found in the "Extra.zip" in this post, which is a pretty much base m1530 dsdt. I ran DSDT Auto patcher on it and applied the _UID fix, nothing else. I'll generate and upload a base DSDT when I have time. Extra.zip
  13. Secure virtual memory isn't an option (anymore? I remember seeing it)... setting hibernatemode to 3 (was 0 before on purpose) makes it not wake up at all. With 0 it wakes up the first time, and reboots the second time. I tried all the DSDT edits I could find related to getting sleep to work (OSID is same as yours) and after 3 hours of trying to get this to work, still no success. Sleep once, wakes up fine. Sleep again, reboot. I don't get it Do you guys have fully working sleep? Maybe I should try making a brand new DSDT from scratch...
  14. Hey guys, I've successfully updated my system to 10.7 GM. Everything is working great (got speedstep to work) except sleep. Sleep works the first time, but if, after waking up, I try to sleep again, it just reboots. I understand this has to do with RTC and CMOS reset (right?), and I added LatinMcG's DSDT fix from here Device (RTC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x08, // Length ) }) } but to no effect... Is there any other DSDT patch that I missed? Thanks