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  1. Hi i have followed madlon's tutorial and made a bootable lion usb i followed the instructions correctly but still having problems in making it boot can any one please guide me the problem which i face is that when i boot lion after loading the kext files the installation goes to a blank screen and doesn't come back after a while the computer restarts i have a pentium D 2.66ghz system intel D945gtp mainboard 2gb ddr2 ram nvidia 9500gt graphics card
  2. i have tried the tutorial several times had no luck i started from booting the base system install with -v on the chameleon boot screen and waited for all the kexts to load when they completed loading i got a blank screen can you please tell me what this is i have a pentium D 2.66ghz cpu intel d945gtp mainboard 2gb ddr2 ram 9500gt graphics card please tell me where m i doing a mistake
  3. ibi_sal

    Solution For Cable Unplugged

    lol .Sorry to be not specific to the problem .u just need to go to the network preferences and then to the ethernet connection which is inactive giving cable unplugged problem .you will configure written on the top just click it and set it to "off" . then save changes and restart .hope you will have your cable plugged in and internet up and running tell me if its simple now and did it worked for you
  4. after searching alot for the problem i came across my threads but none of them worked ,i successfully got my ethernet working with the IONETWORKINGFAMILY.KEXT from 82562g kexts . but when i restarted i got the message cable unplugged after spending alot of time with sudo commands and adding 0x27dc i realized that it was not the solution for it . here is wat i did i went to the network preferences and then to ethernet and in the configure drop down menu i turned it "off" rather with bootp or dhcp just "off" After that i saved changes and restarted my system . after restarting i got the ethernet status NOT CONNECTED .i set it from "off" to dhcp which i the easiest as you dont have to manually give the ip addresses so the ethernet status changed to connected .So every time you get the cable unplugged issue do this and restart and you will have the net connect . PLEASE TELL ME IF IT WORKS FOR YOU MY SYSTEM SPECS ARE intel pentium D 2.66ghz intel 945gtp motherboard nvidia 9500gt graphics card 2gb kingston ddr2 533mhz ram ideneb _v1.5 osx86_10.5.7 HACKINTOSH SYSTEM PM ME IF U NEED ANY HELP
  5. please help me to solve the driver issues of the intel 945gtp board i have installed the xxx_x86final version 10.5.6 in my desktop please post a soultion i am new to mac please provide me with some guidelines
  6. Hi i have install xxx_x86_10.5.6_install_disc_final in my system my specs are pentium d 805 at 2.66ghz intel 945gtpn mainboard 2 gb ram 533mhz evga 9500gt 512 mb i got the quartz extreme enabled by using the NVinject 0.2.1 512mb in the custimize menu in the installation every thing is working except sound and lan (internet ) please help me my sound specs in the mac os x are shown as intel high definition audio Device id :0x80860606 audio id : 12 available device : its show blank space help needed thanks in advance to the gurus