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  1. Ok, here's a little more detail on what I'm using: The cards PCI ID is 0x94421002 I'm using the modified boot file from tony's macosxsnowleopard.zip, md5sum /boot add52dcf89cf32b7d5b684b1e2a48fc6 /boot ATIRadeonX2000 (7152) - This is the version that ships with 10.6.1, but mine is possibly modified... 0x94421002 is listed in the IOPCIMatch key LegacyATI4800Controller 9.0.2 - Fairly sure this is from netkas.org ATI4800Controller (7429) - Unmodified, this is the retail 10.6.2 kext ATISupport (7429) - Unmodified, again, this should be the retail 10.6.2 kext Sorry I'm a little hazy on the details of what I did to get everything working... but that's what's on my system and working right now. I updated my sig so you can see my hardware as well.
  2. Edit: Turns out I only replaced ATIX2000.kext with the one from 10.6.1 For everybody with a 4850 and garbled graphics, I've found that replacing the ATIX2000 and ATI4800Controller kexts with the ones from 10.6.1 and adding a LegacyATI4800 kext works quite well. Not sure what's up with the newer kexts. I meant to narrow this down a little more, but once it was working I kind of forgot about it
  3. Yep, the kexts in that post both in S/L/E and the DSDT listed for the UD4P on Tony's blog (this is why the link was to the specific post)
  4. For everybody using a UD4P, I got sound working, front and back, with headphone switching, using the kexts in this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1344297 I had to install them both to /S/L/E, *not* /Extra and I used the DSDT in Tony's database. I now have sleep and functioning audio! I haven't confirmed whether the digital/optical outs work, but I should have time to test that some time this week.
  5. <br /><br /><br /> Personally, I have had pretty good success with the UD4P and a gigabyte radeon 4850. There were a few speedbumps, but nothing major. The only continuing issue is sound, I currently get sound out of the headphone port using VoodooHDA, but it's noisy and obnoxious. I've been playing around with patching AppleHDA / creating a legacy kext, because so far nothing i've tried has worked.<br /><br />p.s. there is a "search this topic" button immediately after the last post on each page, but it was broken last time I tried it.
  6. I can confirm that this is working for me with a p55-UD4P bios F4, I no longer need NullCPUPM.kext
  7. It's normal for the installer to do that. You need to make sure you POWER OFF the machine MANUALLY (HOLD DOWN THE SWITCH) when you reach this point. if you restart with the button it won't work. Sorry for the shouting, but I totally missed this the first time (maybe two times ) and couldn't figure out what was wrong. About kexts, I don't yet know enough to tell you which ones you might need, I used the Realtek one included in tony's zip file and it's working great. But installing the LegacyATI4800Controller kext from netkas made my system hang on boot. I'm not 100% sure what's going on there yet. Current problems: I can't boot without safemode (due to graphics corruption). I can't install 10.6.2 (tried both the ComboUpdater from apple.com and the one you get from software update) I get a kernel panic about 70% of the way through it every time.
  8. edit: I should clarify that I haven't installed the 10.6.2 combo updater yet. It got about halfway through and had a kernel panic. So I decided I should try and get things booting without the -x flag first. I'm using the boot file that was in tony's zip file as of yesterday, which should have the fix according to his blog. On the other hand I did not have any extra kexts for my ATI card installed, so I'm trying the LegacyATI4800Controller.kext from netkas blog next, I'll let you know how it goes...
  9. All right! Thanks to tony's awesome guide, I now have SL on my brand new box! I'm using a gigabyte p55-ud4p with an i7 860 and a radeon 4850. I didn't install leopard first, but used my girlfriends MBP for setting up the usb drive. For those of you who have limited access to a mac (even though my gf has one, my access is still pretty limited ), I recommend copying the contents of tony's zip file and the 10.6.2 combo updater disk image to your usb drive before starting the install. Then follow tony's guide (skipping step 4) up to step 5 and re-organize steps 6-9 like so: When the installer starts, use the disk utility to partition the destination drive (it's in the utilities menu), then continue with the install (Step 4 revisited) After the install completes, open the terminal (also in the utilities menu) and copy the files listed in Step 8 from /Volumes/SnowLeopardInstaller/ into /Volumes/YourNewInstall/ Power off the computer manually! do not restart! Let your computer boot the PC EFI tool on the usb key again, but this time choose your new leopard install. Make sure you enter the same boot options you used for the installer. After SL has booted and you've finished the initial setup (create user account etc), run the PC EFI tool from the USB key on your SL partition. You might want to double check that you have copied the Extra folder to your new SL install drive as well (I missed this in the terminal the first time) After that, restart and try booting from your hard drive, if that works carry on from step 10 Some notes: As was mentioned in other posts you need to have your primary hard drive connected to channel 0 of the GSata connectors. (On my board it's the grey one, instead of the 3 blue ones). In fact, I found that having *anything* (such as my SATA DVD drive) connected to one of the blue connectors causes the installer to run *extremely slow*. The system will only boot if I give it the following options: -x busratio=21 cpus=1 -v. It seems like -x is needed for my video to work, the system boot without it, but the video is totally fscked