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  1. I've found a installation package that covers a TON of supported USB WiFi dongles that may not be "Officially" supported by their producers. This started when I couldn't find an official Kext for my Belkin F9L1002v1 USB Dongle. When I didn't have any luck by searching its name, I decided to search it's Ven/Dev ID.. long story short, I ended up on a backwoods website downloading an installer for a realtek stuff. Before installing I used Pacifist to extract the kext from within it, opened the info.plist to see a BUNCH of different hardware that may very possibly be "Windows only" by word of the manufacture's website. I'm posting the screenshots of supported hardware below, as well as the install.pkg. In short I don't expect this to help a ton of people, but hopefully itll at least save a few people a headache. 0001-Wlan_11n_USB_MacOS10.7_Driver_UI_2.0.1.zip
  2. JCollins6695

    Help with Intel HD 2500 on GA-H61M-USB3H DP2

    Okay, if my card doesn't have at least *potential to be supported, then why (by default, with factory kexts) is my ven/dev ID listed in the AppleIntel4k.kext, and why is my card semi-functional out of the box? I'm not getting into an argument over this, if any one is willing to attempt to help me, let me know.
  3. JCollins6695

    Help with Intel HD 2500 on GA-H61M-USB3H DP2

    Sounds rather foolish to ditch an integrated card so soon, that keep in mind is being recognized natively as far as resolutions and System Profiler are concerned. I mean if I wanted to take the easy route and just throw money at it, shouldn't I have just bought a mac in the first place? Anyways, as if it this isn't a given, the problem is within the acceleration aspect of AppleIntelHD4000.kext by nullifying it I can boot reguarly, but I obviously don't have any acceleration. I attempted editing the info.plist and changing the codecs from Gen7 to Gen6 (Because I have a 6 series setup, and for some reason with fouled logic I was hoping it may work)... yet it didn't.
  4. JCollins6695

    Help with Intel HD 2500 on GA-H61M-USB3H DP2

    I've already done that, as mentioned in the first post.
  5. Well installed 10.9 via myHack, the installation went smooth but post-intall I'm forced to boot with -x. I have resolutions in safe mode, and my GFX card is recoginized as the Intel 4000HD, but obviously I don't have QE/CI. I've not swapped kexts or anything of that nature, the only changes I have made are: System Definition change: Mac Mini 6,1 Device Properties in Boot Plist (Since been removed, made no difference) Removed GraphicsEnabler Yes flag in Boot.plist as well, removing it didn't make a difference. Inserted a Custom DSDT downloaded from another forum, didn't help nor hurt anything. * I updated to DP2 via Apple Updater HOPING that would fix my issue, didn't help. BIOS is set to 32m (Although I've tried 96 and 64 as well) Celeron g1610 Dev/ven [0152:8086] Aside from that everything has been left alone. I've attached a picture below that shows what I see when booting without safe mode. Any ideas?
  6. I've been leeching for a while, and I've learned SO much from you guys, Retail installs, Distro installs, and just Mac in general. Saying that, I've made another successful installation and I figured I would document it this time. This board is the d945GCL (Which has SEVERAL very similar siblings (GCXL, GCNL, etc), so you may be able to follow my tutorial if you have one of these boards... just compare your hardware to mine. This installation is with iAtkos s3 v2, so if you don't have it, get it. I'm not going to post any links, because I'm assuming ToS is probably against that. Google is your friend though Once you have installed downloaded and burned to what ever device you'll be using to boot it from (Whether that be a HDD Partition, DVD, or USB), boot from it. (If it fails to boot, remove all nonrequired devices, and reset your BIOS to default.) **** IF YOU'RE INSTALLING ON YOUR ONLY SYSTEM, PUT THE ATTACHED FILES ONTO A PORTABLE STORAGE DEVICE *** From here on it's your typical installation, 1. Utilities > Disk Util > Choose your drive from the left pane > Erase > Exit Disk Util 2. Choose the formatted drive from list 3. Customize your installation, and choose the following: -Chameleon RC5 (uncheck the other bootloader) -32bit boot -RTC 32bit (uncheck RTC) -Qoopz 10.3 -Intel Pro/100 (Under Network) -Apple PS/2 -GMA 950 (27A2) (Choose this even if your device reads 2772) 4. Install, reboot, and you should be in OS X! Now that you're installation is over, you should have almost everything recognized. The only problems are resoultions and Network, right? It's alright, we have a fix for them. Remember the drive I told you to put the attached files onto? Plug it in. Within it you should have 2 Kexts (AppleIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext and AppleIntel8225x.kext which is within the Intel Pro 100 Snow folder). Take these Kexts, and paste the into /System/Library/Extensions, then run Kext Utility (Which is also in the files I gave you). Don't reboot yet! Now run the Legacy 10.2 Kernel Package that is in there, once it is finished you can reboot. Once you have rebooted you should have QE/CI, Resolutions, Sound, and Network! Enjoy! I'm playing with a spare partition trying to update to 10.6.8, and I'm getting close. As I update, I will add another tutorial to the thread. I'm going to download Mountain Lion tonight, and although I don't meet the requirement specs I'm going to play around with it and see what happens. D945GCL.zip
  7. JCollins6695

    No internet Intel Pro 100VE

    I hate to grave dig this thread, but I would like to confirm that Deleting AppleHPET.kext also solves the same issue in Snow Leopard 10.6 (10.6.3, iAtkos). I installed AppleIntel8225x.kext and even with my Dev/Ven ID (8086:1094) added it it didn't recognize it. I deleted HPET from SLE and rebooted and viola!
  8. Basically, I sold my Quad Core Hackintosh Monster to a guy a while back. But here recently, I've been getting that "empty" filling without having an Apple machine around. I figured the convenient timing of Lion would give me something to do. I do understand that the odds rule in favor of the hardware not being compatible with Lion, thats why I'll be installing Leo as a base kinda OS, something I can use to mod, build, and test Kexts and make modifications to the Lion Partition. I've found a fully compatible (with SL and Leo, not sure about Lion) system for a good price. The Tower is refurbished and the specs are as follows. Emachines w2335 (I may have that wrong..) Intel Pentium D dual core 3.0ghz 1gig RAM (Upgradeable to 4gigs) 250gig HD (5400RPM... as usual) Intel 945GC & ICH7 (From what I've read, is fully compatible with a small kext mod. Res's and QE/CI) Now, the Ethernet is also supposed to be compatible, but I am not really worrying about it. I don't have an Ethernet port or router in my room. This is where the Netgear WG111v3 comes in, its supported under Leopard and is even on the iDeneb 10.5.8 DVD. Anyways, I hope to have the system tomorrow, and IF everything goes as planned (.. which we all know what the odds of that are.. ) than have the Leo on it too. From there I will give updates about how the Lion installation is going.
  9. Alright, So I was going to install JaS to a partition via VMware, and all seemed to go smoothly until I attempted to format the partition.. The utilities are gone?! Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks.
  10. JCollins6695

    OS X - dell dw 1395 wifi issue

    Try going into com.apple.boot.plist and adding the flag in so you don't have to type it in each time you boot up. This will tell you have to go about that: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/lofiversio...x.php/t313.html
  11. Specs for mine: (Price $800) AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.69Ghz Crucial 4 gig Ddr2 (x2) MSi K9N6PGM2-V2 Mobo 1.5TB 7200RPM WD HD (Sata) Nvidia 8400GS 1 Gig (Full support, QE/CI, Res(s)) ATX Black Case with 450watt ATX PSU HP LightScribe CD/DVDROM 19in ASUS LCD Monitor (1440x900) Then some accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam and speakers. Hazard's Snow Leopard ISO (Google it) -Legacy Kernel -Legacy Sata Fix -NV Enabler EDIT: USB Now works, I removed AppleHPET.Kext , Rebooted, and it started working, (Don't Press restart, Press shutdown, then turn on again, for some reason that made it work?) BUDGET VERSION: Here is a link to the barebone kit. All you need to add with this barebone kit is a CPU Fan, and some thermal Gel. Another $10. (That is if you already have a monitor and accessories.
  12. JCollins6695

    ATI Rage 128 not recognized?

    I have 1024x768 resolution with no qe/ci. I have a PCI ati rage 128 (which is supposed to be native). I have atirage128.kext installed, and it had my dev id installeds by def (which is 0x524b1002), it loads, but doesn't recognize it. I've tried re-loading and installing the kext in terminal, and I have tried changing "0x524b1002" to "0x524b" but that doesn't do anything. This is what system profiler says: Type: Display Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 64 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x524b Revision ID: 0x0000 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Not Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Sorry for the typos, I have a broken clavicle and I'm typing with 1 hand. Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported
  13. Hey, I need these kexts for a new project I am working on. I currently have the computer that is running w/ full support out of the box, well that is almost. The video is the only thing that has needed work. And its retail, so... If someone could attach those kexts.. I would appreciate it.
  14. Alright, So I have an old Compaq presario v2508wm that I have been trying to install any version of mac on (That is Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard). The closest I have is using Hazards Snow leopard disc. I chose what I thought would best suit my computer, and I get a kernel panic (picture attached) . http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...ectID=c00572256 Thats a complete list of hardware specs. Please Help. I would really appreciate it. Pic.zip