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  1. Mine too, but I tried to follow the link to the parent site to get some more info, but it's all French. I wonder if there is a mirror site in English? I didn't see the link to the "software" link that you sent either....?
  2. Does the Darwin site that uses English? My French is poor!
  3. Doesn't it sound like it might be resetting his BIOS?
  4. I dual boot, but on this computer it's on two hard drives. My Dell Mini is on one, as is my Wind PC. Good stuff!
  5. I followed the instructions on the first page of this thread: Edit: Don't use this guide anymore! This guide is old & outdated. There are plenty of good guides better than this one. New to the G41M? Here's my recommended steps to get up & running: Follow sk1nhd33t's G31M guide (it works great with the G41M) here: Installing Snow 10A432 on G31M-ES2L Be sure to make your own DSDT file. It's key. The above guide has a guide on how to do that. Come back here & follow the Audio section. And there's a LAN guide by Rex Luna here.
  6. Mine also reports an error on the memory information page, but the front screen shows my 4GB... didn't alarm me. Should it?
  7. Thanks again: ran the R1000 utility and now have all my printers functioning in my Hack. Can't think of anything this thing is missing now: I'm a happy dude!
  8. Thanks: I had already done the patches to the DSDT (as per the guide) and my sound works fine. My internal NIC does also, so I'm willing to give up printing for now. I'm full up and running again (64 Bit). Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks: I downloaded it and will try it out once I'm running again, but my LAN was working okay and I bet it will again. Will installing this KEXT effect that? If so, I'll live without the printer!
  10. Well, I managed to break it: I was working on another drive in Windows (Dual Boot) and formatted the wrong drive... it even tried to stop me, but "I knew what I was doing..." so I get to go through the process again. That's okay: I need the practice? One thing that didn't work before that I hope I can get working now: it won't install any printers. Says it need "Bonjour". Should I install that when I install Snow? It asks me if I want it, but it identifies it as for "PowerPC" applications...
  11. Thanks: I looked in software and it says "64Bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes" I used this instruction to get here: ● you can edit com.apple.Boot.plist located in /Extra and remove "arch-i386" after Kernel Flags if you wish to boot in 64bit, this can be done using a Texteditor (e.g. TextEdit, Textwrangler, BBEdit etc) or Terminal (nano). Thanks: I guess I'll look at it, but I'm really only running this in 64 bit for an experiment. What isn't supposed to be working right? My sound is fine, using the on board speaker output (green output) to the speakers in the monitor it's connected to... onboard LAN also works, as does everything else that I can think of (except it doesn't see my Network Printer... is that Bonjour?)
  12. How would one tell if they are running 64 Bits or not? I removed the "arch=i386" line and it ran, but I can't tell if it's 64 bit mode or not. Is that listed somewhere in the profiler?
  13. Thank you for the information. What partition do you recommend to mark active? I think there will be two: one that will be NTFS (with Windows on it) and another that will be an Apple partition. I don't think you are saying to mark the Apple partition active, right? So you are marking the Windows partition as active? I'm a little confused: or is there a partition I'm unaware of? Thanks.
  14. Ok: I deleted the sleep kext and ran the kext utility. I rebooted once to make sure it still seemed to work okay before upgrading to 10.6.2, and it did. Now I have run the upgrade to 10.6.2, restarted, but have a black screen, no icons or anything else, but a mouse cursor... I don't get it? There is no pretty background, only blackness but a working mouse cursor. I restarted it a couple of time, and at least once or twice using a graphicsmode command (graphicsmode=1024x768x32) but it still has the black screen... how or what did I do? Thanks in advance!