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  1. OK great, let's try to make this work. About this mac reports the processor correctly as 6 core Intel Xeon at my overclocked speed (4.13Ghz) but when I double click on the cpu monitor in the Activity monitor, I only see 8 cores instead of 12. I'll try your suggestions and let you know how I go. It's definitely a much more powerful cpu than the 920 and even with only 8 cores visible in the OS, I am definitely getting much more juice in my programs but I am positive there are only 8 cores available to my main application that I use (Protools) as it has a selection where I can choose how many cores to utilize and there are only 8 available there. Thanks. Charles YES!! Perfect! I did exactly what you suggested and all 12 cores are now visible in the OS and Protools! Thanks, Charles
  2. Hi Guys, I have been successfully running SL 10.6.7 on my GA-EX58-UD5 with my i7 920 for quite some time now with zero problems using DD's script. I just recently upgraded to an i7 970 and the OS only sees 8 cores. Is it a DSDT problem? I have used the DSDT patcher in the DD script but no matter what I do, it's always only 8 cores instead of 12 in SL. I have no idea of how to manually patch my DSDT file, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Charles
  3. Thanks SO much!!! I can't believe it was something as simple as this! I don't recall it being mentioned anywhere else though. Worked exactly as you described. Thanks again! Charles
  4. Hi everyone! Just want to say a BIG thanks to all those that have made this all possible, especially DD himself! I've been using the script since about 10.5.6 and have recently successfully updated to SL 10.6.5 on my GA-EX58-UD5 (bios F12) I'm currently using the Chameleon RC5 beta r642 bootloader with vanilla kernel and something that has been bugging me from the very start since I got into hackintosh with this board is that I have absolutely no luck getting the boot image to appear while booting. The boot theme appears just fine with the chameleon selector and all but after that it goes to verbose mode while booting. I've copied all the boot image files to the correct directory for the hackinstaller script to see and everything seems fine when I load any of them using the script but they never load up when booting. This is has been fine up to now while I've been testing and actually wanted it to be in verbose boot but now that I have a 100% stable system, I really would prefer an image while booting. Any ideas where I should try? Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to give me any pointers. Charles
  5. Hi, I'm also very curious as to how you got the retail 10.6.3 to work with the WS PRO? I've spent weeks trying to do this and have got to a point where I can install the retail versions of 10.6.3 followed by the 10.6.4 combo update but ONLY with USB drives! None of my SATA drives are recognized during install or afterwards! Could you or anyone else with a P6T WS PRO please give details on your exact install procedure and also possibly add your DSDT file for us as well? Thank you for your assistance.