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  1. [SOLD] HP Mini 311

    Sold! Thanks for looking.
  2. HP Mini 311-1000

    The lack of wifi has turned me off from snow leopard as well. I installed 10.5.6 and updaded to 10.5.7 but I also haven't been able to solved the graphics problem either. In fact I have some sort of critical bug going on with my graphics. If I scroll in a document or move a window around the outline of the window will move but the contents of the window won't get updated/moved with it. If i activate expose it'll refresh it an make it work. I used netbookinstaller to get Chameleon 2 RC3 loaded and with the GraphicsMode=1366x768x32 (which ends up as 1360x768). I read in the 10.6 thread that all they needed to do was set GraphicsEnabler in Chameleon 2 RC3 to get ION LE working with 10.6 but it doesn't seem to be the same in 10.5, or I could be doing something horrible wrong and have the wrong kexts installed.