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  1. problema secondo hard disk e audio

    ciao sono riuscito a installare iatkos ml e tutto funziona benissimo apparte che devo scollegare il secondo hard disk (ho un ssd e un hdd) prima che si avvii chamaleon... e l'audio che non va, ho una zotac gt210 e una alc892 integrata, per ora sono riuscito con ##### a installare i driver della 892 e quindi andava solo l uscita delle cuffie e non l uscita hdmi della scheda video. Questo non sarebbe un problema se non per il fatto che dopo che ho installato quei driver il pc è diventato lentissimo (2 minuti sulla schermata del login e non fa scrivere). ora li ho tolti, come posso fare per sistemare questi problemi? grazie
  2. Mountain lion on Hp pro book 4320s

    the hp site say that is a Realtek RTL8191SE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN or Atheros 2011 Wireless LAN sorry but i din't have nw the pc for see the network cards
  3. Sapphire Hd6450 2GB Mountain Lion

    I would not spend more, so I wanted to know if she was going well and what changes ... thanks
  4. Sapphire Hd6450 2GB Mountain Lion

    hi, should I buy a video card for mountain lion, I state that I do not need so I will not spend ourselves very much. This works fine with the hdmi output?both sound and video? thanks
  5. Mountain lion on Hp pro book 4320s

    yes is hd 3000! also the wi-fi work? thanks:)
  6. Hi I have a Hp 4320s with: Intel i5 2,4 processor 430m 8 gb ram Intel he graphics Can I install mountain lion? Fully working? And if yes how? Thanks
  7. Hi I have installed iatkos ml in a pc whith this configuration: asrock h67m intel i5-2400 3.1ghz ram 8gb ssd ocz agility3 60gb integrated graphics But it start only with the command -x. In the photo attach output of the command -v . Thanks
  8. sorry for the trouble but I'm a beginner, however, the file is .app
  9. I solved the first problem but now says to me:/Applications/Install OS X Mountain Lion.app: No such file. You must buy OS X Mountain Lion from the App Store I downloaded the file and put it in the Applications folder and renamed in: Install OS X Mountai Lion
  10. i've tried the command: sudo/mkboot /Volumes/Boot/ but doesn't work, where i should put the file?and i must go to the terminal before or after that i moved the file?
  11. the first command: sudo install/mkboot /
  12. sorry but when I go to enter the command on the terminal tells me: command not found how should I do? and where should I put the file install.zip and the mountain lion dmg? thanks
  13. I mean: audio, video, ethernet port and secondary hard drive. I have to install some kext?
  14. but it's full working?
  15. hi i have a pc with: asrock h67m intel i5-2400 3.1ghz ram 8gb ssd ocz agility3 60gb integrated graphics can i install mountain lion? and if so, how? otherwise what video card do i buy? whereas the first one i have is enough for me. Thanks