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  1. The iPad hasn't been around for too long but it's already difficult to imagine life without it. It's hard to imagine it started selling just about two years back. Now it's already a household name and according to a study done by Mae Anderson, the iPad is about the become a generic name. Apple's iPad, is on its way to join Brands such as - Xerox, Band-Aid, Aspirin etc who have undergone Genericization. Apple has done it before with the iPod and now for the vast majority of people a tablet is synonymous with the iPad. This isn't a surprise nonetheless, as the iPad gave birth to the tablet industry. Genericization happens rarely, as a matter of fact only 5 percent of U.S. brand names become generic. The brands that do become generic, achieve higher sales, market share, and an unique place in the mind of their consumers. Some people argue that the Genericization of a Brand may not necessarily be a good thing. Generic brands have often lost their trademark as a result of their Genericization. This can result in any company, using the name to market a product. This has happen enough in the past, the cast a worry. Drug maker Bayer lost trademarks for the names "aspirin" and "heroin" this way in the 1920s. So did B.F. Goodrich, which sued to protect its trademark of "zipper" in the 1920s after the name joined the world of common nouns. Similar cases deemed "escalator" generic in 1950, "thermos" generic in 1963 and "yo-yo" generic in 1965. There are some company's who have escaped loosing their trademarks. Xerox is the best example of this. While people often use Xerox generically, The company still hasn't lost its trademark. I strongly feel that Apple's iPad will see similar fate, especially when you consider the fact that Apple's iPod went through Genericization without losing its Trademark. I think Apple's iPad will do just fine - Generic or Not. Via All Things Apple
  2. Apple Gazette has crawled the internet, to make a nice collection of Photos from Apple HQ's. The pictures are a visual treat for Nerds. We highly recommend you take a look at the full gallery here. Via All Things Apple
  3. About.me is a brilliant service that lets you create a single page, that tells people about you and your interests. All you have to do is, upload a decent picture, write a bio and link to your social networks. The idea is to have a beautiful page, on the internet where people can know more about you. About.me has released a free iPhone app. Users can now create, edit and maintain their About.me page right from their phone. When you first run the app, you will be asked to either login or signup. If you are a new user of About.me, you will be asked to enter some basic details and chose a background image or upload your own. If you’re an existing user of About.me, it will automatically gather all your information. You will be then taken to your About.me page. The app features tabs at the bottom. There are five tabs – Featured, Favorites, Who’s Nearby, Me, and Settings. The featured tab is a great way to get ideas, about what to put into your About.me profile. If you know other About.me users, you can add them to your favorites list, or you could discover them in the Who’s Nearby tab. The me tab displays your own profile however you cannot edit much here, which we think is stupid, you must go into Settings tab to edit your profile! Pros - Ability to Create an About.me profile from your phone. Ability to discover and track other About.me profiles. Good overall Design. Cons - Still lacks many features of the web version. About.me profiles should be editable from within the me tab. Doesn’t support customization of the Appearance if you are an existing user. Via - All Things Apple
  4. Phew, nice to have that cleared up!!!! Thanks asap18 and MasterOfComputer. I hope people here find this thread useful, Cheers, Madhur
  5. @ ASAP18 - Whats your real name man? As far as I know longhorn49 at machthemes posted arttools! Are u that on macThemes? I hope none of the rights of the author are being infringed here, please attribute the efforts of the original author guys!!! @ Master of computer - Dude this is practically a theft of the thread I linked to in my post, please mention MacThemes in your thread as courtesy to the hard work of the people over there!
  6. Really? There are some inconsistencies in the Default GUI, its a cross between Aqua and The new consistent UI. For example the finder is Half Aqua ( Scrollers etc) and half Consistent( TaskBar, sidebar etc) I feel the default GUI is horrible in Leopard. Anyhow There will be new themes coming up soon i am sure. Cheers Madhur
  7. Alright After months of waiting, finally there have been two skins made on MacThemes. I am using these. They work great and really do make Leo much better. Here are the links to the skins. 1 - http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16785904 - Metal Muku 2 - http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16785877 - Kaer Beta. Go through the readme file carefully before trying. Cheers, Madhur
  8. madhur

    iPhone's F'ed Up

    everuthing is working fine now... thank you...everyone...
  9. madhur

    iPhone's F'ed Up

    hello, i tried to upgrade to 1.1.2, it did not work so i downgraded to 1.0.2 and now after activating and jailbreaking with iNdependence it tells me "this iPhone must be used with an approved sim" i have downgraded, why is this coming pls help pls pls....
  10. madhur

    iPhone's F'ed Up

    i am sharing my dsl connection so.... i do not know if i can do that any other ideas... thanks allot for the help till now...... regards
  11. madhur

    iPhone's F'ed Up

    Hello, I purchased a pre unlocked iPhone a few weeks back. Its 1.1.1, I have somehow managed to jail it. I am going to downgrade it to 1.0.2 but with iNdependence. When I tried to upgrade to 1.1.2 with it, Pre Firmware Upgrade failed because it was saying the ip address was wrong..... can anyone help with this wrong ip address issue please... i need help....please
  12. madhur

    Just Who Will Replace Steve Jobs?

    Steve Jobs is Apple, hence I will go with Jonathan Ive, who has been kinda molded by Jobs. The designs he has come up with show how much of a visionary he is, no doubt its Jonathan Ive. Regards, Madhur
  13. madhur

    Is it worth it?

    I got my iPhone for $ 650 and still think its worth it. Wifi works. If You have DSL on a wifi enabled device you can share that connection with your iPhone. Jailbreak if i am not wrong is a process through which you can install custom Applications and hence customize the iPhone. Its just a must have. Regards, Madhur
  14. madhur

    Internet Sharing.

    figured that out just before u posted... thanks allot.... damn am i lovin the iPhone
  15. madhur

    Internet Sharing.

    Hello I just got my iPhone and I want to share my DSL connection with the iPhone. I have a 256 Kbps DSL connection. I Do not have Airport Express or any other ROUTER. I have WiFi In my iMac Core Duo. Was wondering if there is a way I can share this connection. I tried making a network with Airport but that did not work.