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  1. Leopard on SSE2 Howto here!

    Got two questions for you Vboyz: 1. Is step 1 only for shrinking partition size i.e. if I'm not interested in making it less than 4.38gb, do I have to follow this step? 2. I patched the mach_kernel with the tool you provided, and when I boot my macbook pro with the patched leopard partition/disc it gives "four language" death; I'm assuming SSE3 is backward compatible with SSE2? I know the original disc does not boot pcs for sure so I didn't burn it/verify it on my pc. I'm using a retail leopard image created myself thru disk utility, if this helps. Cheers, Ruotian
  2. T43 Soundmax AC97 sound crackling

    Are you talking about ThinkPad T43? My speakers work straight after the installation. I'm running 10.4.6 on it currently.
  3. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22215 Have a search before posting you mug!
  4. Gday everyone, Does the Jas 2xxM 10.4.8 have any version requirements (like apple asks you to upgrade from version number - 0.0.1 saying 10.4.7 here), or ic can be installed on any above 10.4.4? Anyone has success with titan on GF4 MX420? I saw people asking forHCL. Count me please Anyway if my questions were answered previously please enlighten me. Ruotian
  5. OSX 86 on a Fujitsu Tablet

    At least the wacom digitizer on my hp tc1100 doesn't like osx. used driver from wacom website and it didn't work either.
  6. safari scrolling

    It doesn't work well on my iBook G4 wither. I guess it's a bug. To those who have got safari quit constantly: Try disable javascript. This causes heaps of problems.
  7. hello. 大家好!

    Good on you ???. For some reason Chinese characters don't come out on my genuine Mac - iBook G4. I wonder it is due to the incompatibility of Eastern Asian language of this discussion board?
  8. Hi there I'm using a HP tablet pc tc1100. It's running a clean ghosted version natively since my little machine doesn't come with a cdrom. However it stops responding after several seconds (randomly but no more than 30 i reckon). No moves, no clicks. The connection between the trackpoint and the machine is believed to be USB. External USB mouse works perfectly though.. BTW has anyone pointed out using tablet panel under osx? Cheers
  9. hello. 大家好!

    Hi!??? Have you ever tried osx86china? That site would be pretty cool if you struggle with English;-) I don't think there are many Chinese on this forum though.. Anyway welcome???