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  1. Hi LocusOfControl, Interesting. How come your BT port is on EHC not UHC port? Did you attach the BT dongle in the USB port back of the computer or another hub? I have a 24" Apple Display. If I attach the BT dongle on the USB port of the screen, i can't wake the computer at all. It sometime will reboot upon waking the computer. Also when you say the computer stays on for 1.5hr, does your computer just stay on for 1.5hr and finally sleep? Or it will try to idle sleep but it will wake itself up like the issue I have and eventually idle sleep after 1.5hr? BTW, do you have Wake on Ethernet turn on? I believe that was the reason why I was getting RTC USB wake. But not all the time. I still do not know what maintenance sleep is. I also think it might have something to do with Wake on Ethernet. I am using a Netgear GA311 running natively without the Realtek1000SL.kext. Lastly, how did you get your DSDT down to 1800ish lines? What did you remove? The last copy you sent me still have over 3000 lines. d00d, I tried Audio option A and I now don't have any popping sound when the computer wake from sleep. When I was using ALC889a there will be an annoying popping sound when the computer wakes up. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. I don't mind having more sound assertion messages. This is an awesome thread. Thanks.
  2. Before I used the magic mouse I really did not see any difference using your DSDT for UD5 vs. my UD4P. I am now using the one I build up from clean UD4P DSDT. LocusOfControl, I also think it has something to do with USB. Unfortunately not too many people are using the BT magic mouse with the Gigabyte board. I have read through multiple threads on Gigabyte board DSDT mod but haven't gotten anything to work. What do you think Wake - RTC USB4 means?
  3. I have the UD4P board with i7 920. I have been using d00d's DSDT file in post #1. I decided to build up my own DSDT using the instruction in POST#1. I see some difference here. I need help in understanding what is going on. My issue has been using a USB Bluetooth Dongle with Magic Mouse. Anytime I have Magic Mouse connected with "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake computer" option ON, my hackintosh will sleep but wake immediately. This happens every time with d00d's DSDT. When I use my own DSDT the computer will sleep properly once every 3~4 times. I looked into the system log and discovered when the system properly sleep (not waking immediately) it will show Jan 29 10:13:31 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Sleep: Success - AC - Software Sleep Jan 29 10:13:31 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Wake: Success - AC - USB4 Jan 29 10:13:31 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Hibernate Statistics If the system wake immediately I get: Jan 29 10:13:04 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Sleep: Success - AC - Software Sleep Jan 29 10:13:04 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Wake: Success - AC - RTC USB4 Jan 29 10:13:04 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Hibernate Statistics or Jan 29 10:11:21 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Sleep: Success - AC - Maintenance Sleep Jan 29 10:11:21 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Wake: Success - AC - USB4 Jan 29 10:11:21 Mac-Pro configd[15]: Hibernate Statistics My question is what is the difference between Maintenance Sleep and Software Sleep? What does RTC mean? And the ultimate question is what do I need to do with my DSDT file to make sure I can properly sleep with Bluetooth Magic Mouse? Thanks.
  4. ttgolf

    Sleep + Bluetooth Dilemma

    Hi LocusOfControl, I am still messing around with the DSDT file. Can you post your DSDT file? Also can you confirm your BIOS settings? Do you have HPET set at 64 bit or 32 bit? What about the Native SATA port 0-3 setting? Is it Enabled or Disabled? Thanks for your help.
  5. ttgolf

    Sleep + Bluetooth Dilemma

    After playing around with the DSDT file and the bluetooth kext, I can no longer sleep with Magic Mouse. It will wake immediately after I put the computer to sleep. I am giving up on the Magic Mouse for now. I am going to use my other BT mouse.
  6. ttgolf

    Sleep + Bluetooth Dilemma

    Hi LocusOfControl, I have been away from the forum for a few weeks. I am having very similar issues as you. My Bluetooth setup now is Anycom USB-250 with the plist hack to turn on the "allow Bluetooth devices to wake computer" option. I switched from Trust because Anycom allows my keyboard to work during bootup. I am now using a new Logitech DiNovo Edge Mac keyboard with a Magic Mouse. The only issue I am having now is Idle Sleep with Magic Mouse. Let me explain..... Test 1: With "Allow Bluetooth Device to Wake Computer" option OFF - I can put the computer to sleep (software sleep) and wake without any problem. Idle sleep with usually work after about 5 minutes. Wake from Idle sleep is not a problem at all. Test 2: With "Allow Bluetooth Device to Wake Computer" option ON - I can put the computer to sleep (software sleep) and wake without any problem. Idle sleep will kick in after about 5 minutes but the computer will wake immediately. Kernel log shows activities with the BT dongle. If I put the computer to sleep after the 1st "failed" attempt, the computer will shut off if I try to software sleep or idle sleep the second time. Test 3: With "Allow Bluetooth Device to Wake Computer" option ON but turn my Magic Mouse off - I can put the computer to sleep and wake without any problem. Idle sleep will work after 5 minutes. Everything is working. Test 4: With "Allow Bluetooth Device to Wake Computer" option ON but use older Apple Wireless Mouse or Microsoft BT mouse. Everything is working (Idle and Software sleep). Above tests were done with Snow Leopard 10.6.2. A few other observations: 1) There seems to be a big change in Bluetooth implementation with 10.6.2. My BT keyboard will work in POST screen only if I pair with it in 10.6. If I pair with it in 10.6.2 the keyboard won't work during POST screen but will work when it boots into SL. 2) All 4 tests above running in 10.6 all work flawlessly. The issue there is that my Magic Mouse scroll won't work in 10.6. I am afraid to upgrade to 10.6.1 with the Magic Mouse update because I don't have time to backup my backup drive. 3) To allow my keyboard to work in POST screen in 10.6.2, I will have to pair it in 10.6.2. Then boot into 10.6 and pair it in 10.6 again. Boot back into 10.6.2. Everything will work. 4) Targus ACB10US BT dongle (long stick) which is recommended by Apple if you want to get "Allow BT devices to wake computer" option actually will work in the POST screen but only in 10.6. 5) Targus BT stick won't work with 10.6.2 even with the trick in 3). Conclusion: Looks like the culprit is the Magic Mouse driver. I believe it has something to do with the Multitouch driver for Magic Mouse and our Hackintosh implementations. I have been reading up on the USB mods in DSDT (Gigabyte DSDT thread). But still haven't been able to resolve this issue. It is driving me crazy............. BTW: is there a way to monitor the Bluetooth packet traffic? I just don't understand how Magic Mouse can generate traffic during the sleep command. Any insight will greatly appreciated.
  7. I got the Trust 2400P when I was in London for a business trip about a month ago. I got my Targus online for about $10 at www.OutletPC.com. This is the older (rev. 1) long Targus stick.
  8. OK I got the Logitech Bluetooth Mini Receiver for Dinovo keyboard. Unfortunately it does not even show up as a Bluetooth device on a mac. Apparently this bluetooth dongle will only work with the keyboard and nothing else. It's a shame. Anyway my search continues............ I read in another forum that Anycom USB-250 will work during POST. Just got one from ebay for $12. Will try it out and let you know.
  9. I finally got my Targus ACB10US last week. This is the old version (Long stick). I can confirm as well that it works out of the box. Wake from Bluetooth device check box is also visible. Sleep and Wake no problem. The only issue I have is Idle (Auto software) sleep won't work if I have Wake from Bluetooth device is checked. I believe LocusOfControl have confirm the same issue. Bottom line - we have two Bluetooth Dongles that will support "Allow Bluetooth Devices to wake this computer" option in Bluetooth Preferences. These are Trust 2400P and Targus ACB10US (long stick). Also wake/sleep all working except idle sleep. One other question for everyone - can you check to see if you can get into BIOS with your BT keyboard? I read that Logitech DiNovo keyboard bluetooth dongle support this feature. I am planning to get one to try it out. It looks like a common problem for any BT keyboard. It will not work until the OS is loaded. I read in a forum that some BT dongle will support HID Proxy mode which will "pretend" to be an actual keyboard during boot up (POST). Search for the PERFECT BT dongle continues.............
  10. LocusOfControl, I am just happy now my idle sleep is working properly even though the timing is not accurate to the setting in Energy Saver. I did a test last night by using Handbrake to rip a movie from DVD. I set up my computer to go to sleep after 15 minutes. I was happy to find that my computer was asleep this morning and the movie did finish. It means now that I can have activities running and not worrying about the Autosleep script from kicking in. Thanks for your help. I am going to spend some more time playing around with the BT issue. Another issue I have is the reception of the BT dongle is not very good when the computer is hidden under my desk. I am trying to see if I can add external "antenna" to the dongle to improve the reception. d00d, Thanks for your help with DSDT mod. I am now only using 4 kexts files. I overclocked my hackintosh to 3.8GHz running at around 40~44 C. No problem at all. I just did a Geekbench (64-bit) yesterday and got over 12000. I only have 3Gb of DDR3 memory. I expect that number to go up when I upgrade to 12Gb.
  11. Hi LocusOfControl, Thank you for the kext and dsdt file. I got so frustrated with my computer that I reinstall everything from scratch today. I used d00d's DSDT file and your kexts. Now my computer will auto sleep properly. I set my auto sleep timer to about 3 mins for testing. It usually will idle sleep less than 5 minutes. I will play around more in the next few days. I can also confirm that with "Wake with BT devices" on, auto sleep does not work. I also now use a wired keyboard to wake the computer. I use Magic Mouse and the Trust 2400P BT dongle. I found apple wired keyboard to be better for a hackintosh. I need to have the wired keyboard to be able to get into BIOS or Chemeleon menu. I also like the USB ports in the keyboard. I am a happy camper now. Everything is working well.
  12. Hi LocusOfControl, Thanks for your feedback. Can you send me all the kexts you use in the Extra folder and DSDT file? I basically follow d00d's DSDT mod to the T. I am also using the same kexts as he is. Same problem for me. I can't idle sleep. I have the same hardware configuration as you do except the motherboard. I got the UD4P instead of UD5. I have the 4870HD 1Gb graphic card as well. Both keyboard and mouse are all apple. Thanks for your help.
  13. d00d, I am running in 64-bit mode but my hackintosh won't auto sleep. I have been using your DSDT and the same KEXTs. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. BTW I am using GA-EX58-UD4P instead of UD5. I assume they are almost identical except the dual ethernet ports. I am using the latest beta BIOS (10h).
  14. d00d, Do you have any luck getting your hackintosh to auto sleep without the script? The script is OK but I found out that it force sleep no matter what you are doing. I know the new RIP script posted won't sleep when DVD and Quicktime is playing. But I wish the script can monitor disk activity instead. I was trying to download a large file from an ftp site. The computer went into sleep and stop the download. It is pain to remember to change the Energy setting everytime I try to download.
  15. Hi ApexDE, I had a similar problem and I was able to fix it by playing around with the com.apple.bluetooth.plist. I am not sure if you will get the same result but give it a try. Open your com.apple.bluetooth.plist in /Library/Preferences Change BluetoothAutoSeekHIDDevices to NO. Save it and try to sleep you computer again to see if it will wake instantly again. Let me know.