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  1. First and foremost thank you to everyone ththis at has contributed here. I have read a good bit here but I think it is time for my first post. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the deal, I am completely new to OS x and none of this makes any since but I am willing to learn. I have a Retail Snow Leopard disc, EVGA X58 mother board, and EVGA GTX 295 video card. I can install OS x and even get into OS x and set it up. What I cannot do is get the bleeping video card to work correctly. I have followed guides on this forum, aquamac, and posts from meroyy. I am losing my mind. I have gotten the black screen that tells me to reboot from meroyy's post and the no smoking sign from the guide on this forum. Am I mistaken that if I do get an error on boot that I have to reinstall to try again? I have tried boot into safe mode with the same result. Other than that does anyone have any suggestions on getting the video card working?