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    Macbook Air or Black Macbook?

    In a few weeks or a month the Macbook Pro should be refreshed with Penryn processors. Given that you can afford a Macbook Air, the $2000 Macbook Pro would be an attractive alternative that should outlast both of your other choices. Another option if you can wait would be to hold off (or buy something like a base model Macbook) and then get Macbook Pro refresh that will have Quad Core Penryn, which is on Intel's roadmap for 3Q 2008.
  2. fleaplus

    Please help a noob

    If you want the fastest system and the least amount of patching, then I would suggest to get a mobo based on the 945/975 chipset and then a core 2 duo processor. You could try the 965 chipset if you don't mind patching OSX to support it's IDE controller and such, or if you use a SATA only system. I would stay away from AMD as they require extra patches and things like security updates will break the OS unless they are patched. Core 2 Duo desktop processors are able to run fine with both cores enabled, however in my experience I had to pass -legacy as a boot option to disable what I believe were 64-bit extensions which were crashing the system on bootup. I've since then downgraded to my old P4 3.0e, but the core2 processors were definitely a fast experience under OSX. As far as video cards go, you can get either ATI or nVidia. I personally use nVidia, and my card is supported (under 10.4.8) by simply dropping Natit.kext into /System/Library/Extensions. No device ID additions necessary. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
  3. fleaplus

    7950 GX2 QE/CI Supported ?

    You could download the 10.4.8 Combo Update from Apple, and then extract the missing kext's from it with Pacifist. You might also be able to extract it from your install disk but I am not quite sure which file it would be from.. Chances are if the 7950 GX2 is a pair of 512MB cards then it will not be supported unfortunately. The current nvidia drivers available from apple aren't designed for 512mb cards and will crash even with titan/natit installed.
  4. fleaplus

    ide ata?

    In windows you can get the drive name out of the device manager, and then do a web search on that name to find out if the drive is sata or ide. An example of what the part number might look like is WD1200BEVS, which is a western digital brand, sata150 120gb notebook drive. Or you could pull the drive out of the laptop if it has easy access. A sata notebook drive connection will look like two long usb plugs, while an ide notebook drive will have a row of pins. It sounds like the kernel is loading so the error could be that the machines drive controller is unsupported, and the generic ata drivers included with osx aren't able to load either (because it is a sata drive..) What you might end up having to do is either have someone burn you a copy of a newer version of osx (usually the tiger-flat images are older versions like 10.4.3) or do a virtual machine install from windows onto a physical partition of your hard drive.
  5. The oem version bad axe 2 (the one with 4 sata and no firewire) will make a fine OSX board. You can't really go wrong with the 975x chipset. Sigmatel 9200 audio worked out of the box for me, but I needed to install the modified AppleHDA kext to get the microphone port working.
  6. fleaplus

    Nvidia on OSX 10.4.8 (with Patch)

    Have you tried swapping to the other DVI connector? When I use Natit, the display will only come up when it is plugged into the top DVI connector rather than the lower one.
  7. fleaplus

    Updating to 10.4.8 from 10.4.6

    You could always get the 10.4.8 Combo updater from apple, install it and then re-install the smbios kernel extension and then install an upgraded kernel. Paulicat has some pretty good documented instructions here or you can always do a search on the forums for instructions. I have personally used Paulicat's method combined with the semthex automated kernel update script (scriptv3.command) to update a couple of my systems.