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  1. I'm dual booting Windows 7 and Leaopard 10.5.8 usually, the Alt key is supposed to be the Command key, and Windows key is the Option key, right/ well, for some reasons, I got it mixed up: the Alt key is now Option and the Windows is Command. Anyway to fix this?
  2. So, I managed to install and dual boot Windows 7 with Leopard 10.5.8 just fine on my Dell laptop (as described here) A few hours ago, I installed PowerManagement10.5.3.pkg to fix my battery meter. this didn't go so well, since my Leopard was driven to several problems,including:It can't see any other partitions than its own, keyboard disabled, weird clicking,... Anyway, I use Windows to restore the ole non-working PowerManagement pkg file,and things awere back to normal... except My Leopard still can't see any other partitions in my drive. It used to show 4 partitions: Leopard (partition D), Windows ©, Data (E) and Softwares (F) Now it only recognizes Leopard Windows 7 still found all 4 just fine Please help me. thanks so much
  3. So, after a weekend, I finallt managed to dual boot Windows 7 and Leopard 10.5.8 on my Dell laptop (as described here) Right now, after booting up, I could choose which OS to start from a command line UI, but now I wonder if I could install Chameleon and use it to replace EasyBCD. Truth is, I saw these pics and really wished to re-create it on my dual boot PC. So, can I setup Chameleon with EasyBCD already installed? and if possible, should I use the latest Chameleon build? I heard around that some builds are a bit unstable Thank you so much
  4. After spending a weekend in front of the computer, I finally managed to dual boot Windows 7 and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 on my Dell Vostro 1310 laptop Here's how I did it: - I installed Windows 7 first on the first partition of my disk - Then I booted up the iPC OSx86 10.5.6 PPF5 and installed Leopard 10.5.6 on the second parition - After installing and rebooting, I encountered the boot0 error, so I booted back to the iPC DVD, then using Terminal from there, I set my Mac partition active (with help from this guide) - With that, I managed to avoid the boot0 error and boot into Win 7, though Mac OS X was still nowhere to be seen. So I downloaded and used EasyBCD to add a Mac boot entry - After another rebooting, I could then fire up Mac OS X. Almost everything worked, except the screen was a low 1024x768 and a few other things. - Right away, I opened Software update and let Mac update itself to 10.5.8 - Another reboot, I was in Leopard 10.5.8, and amazing enough, the screen fixed itself, a beautiful 1280x800 - By then, all I had to do was throwing a few kexts here and there to fix various compatible stuffs (wifi, sound,...) And that's how I now proudly own a Dell Vostro 1310 with both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8. As I received tons of help from this forum's wonderful people, I hope this would help others too