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  1. It did not work with me, in fact after I instaled it, the pc did not even start booting (ati hd3870)
  2. Please help if you can. Has anyone succeeded in making a gigabyte ati (and not sapphire) HD 3870 Radeon work in more than just -x mode with no kext and how? Tnx
  3. I's there any possibility at all to make a gigabyte ati (and not sapphire) HD 3870 Radeon to work properly with mac, and I mean Leopard or Snow leopard, because I have tried many times, I have followed many instructions posted over the internet etc., but haven’t succeeded in booting in any other way but safe mode (-x), and that only with no kext for the graphic card. As soon as I install one, the system stops booting. I do not know, maybe I am not doing something right, I tried Iatkos, Hazard, iDeneb and other distributions on two different mobos (Ga-ep35-ds3 and ga-ep43-ud3l) but the result was always the same. I do have to say that the ep35's LAN worked out of the box (but that’s irrelevant). So in brief - my question is Is there any hope at all for the Ati 3870 graphic card? thank you in advance