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  1. hibernate image too old?

    How can I create a bootable USB drive? I don't have a mac but have access to one. Thanks.
  2. hibernate image too old?

    How do you boot from a disc on a dell mini 10v? I am having same problem and there is no cd/dvd drive to boot from. Thanks much and any help much appreciated.
  3. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    Thanks much.
  4. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    What is the best or most reasonable netbook to make into a hackintosh?
  5. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    Charred, is there any workaround for the 4500M video card? I did not realize that it would affect so much. If there is no workaround I might be better off doing this on a different machine.
  6. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    Yup my keyboard is working but my trackpad is still not operational. And I have never seen an on/off button for the trackpad. It does work if I have windows installed though. I really think it is just a matter of finding the correct kext file. And thanks again! If you come across anything please post it!
  7. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    Charred, thank you so much! That did get my sound working and now the laptop is much more usable because of this. The other driver did not get the touchpad working. I guess I will need to keep searching for that; it would be nice so that my daughter can use the laptop for road trips to play movies. I guess we could use the mouse, but the touchpad would be more convenient. Thanks again.
  8. Get Sound ALC885 DFI P45 T2RS Plus

    How do I do this? What "disc installer" are you talking about? Or rahter what do you mean? I have snow leopard via rebel EFI on my acer aspire 4730Z laptop. Can I use this to get sound on it? Thanks much for any advice/help.
  9. Sound on Acer 4730Z

    I Have snow leopard on an acer aspire 4730Z laptop. I used Rebel efi. The laptop has the Mobile Intel® GL40 Express chipset. I have no sound and I cannot use the touchpad (using a usb mouse at the moment). Where can I get the drivers adn how do I go about installing them? Thanks.
  10. I have installed snow leopard on my acer aspire 4730Z. I did this using the psystar rebel EFI. I finally got it so I can boot without the disc, but now I cannot use the rebel efi software to download the drivers I need. I have no sound on my laptop and my touchpad does not work (using USB mouse). Where can I find the drivers that I need? Thanks.
  11. Acer Aspire 4730Z

    I have an acer aspire 4730Z also. I used rebel EFI (yeah I'm dumb) and now I can't get rebel to authenticate and I have to use the disk to boot my system up and and I have no sound, and the trackpad does not work. If I use itakos to re-install will i get my sound and trackpad working? And how do I go about getting this done with itakos? Is there a wiki or something?