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  1. expanding the partition

  2. expanding the partition

    i know it has been asked alot b4 but i can`t find a answer to my spesific problem. i created two partitions:one for windows and one for mac,now the mac partition is 17G but coz the image i copied it to(10.4.6 disk image with bad 915 drivers that fixed with someone update) is only 6G it apper as i have only 6G,which is ok since the image is 6G but it take from my HD 17G,but in disk utility it said it have 17G but there is only 4G in used and 1G free,is there any way to use the whole 17G,or resizing it to 6G so i can create another partition of 11G and then use the normal methods?
  3. Israel and Palestine

    ok as i see ppl doesn`t really understand what is going here i will try to explain it from my pov(i am israeli living in Kfar Saba,1 hour from tel aviv to the north,and have two relatives(20,21 years old) serving in the army). first of all,ppl that send their own child to kill them self instead of fighting on their own are not humans,sorry i said that,but if they don`t respect life they don`t respect {censored}. second,in 47 the divition was 40% to israel. third,we(as the israeli nation) always tried to get piece over here,we gaved them land then more land,then we gave them land without even asking for anything(that was the Hitnatukut),the problem is that palestinians(atleast the right extreme) don`t want to co-exsist they just want to exsist w/o israel,we do want them to be here,we don`t mind. now about what is going on in lebanon is not just coz they kidnap soldiers,it is beacuse they think they can do with israeli bold whatever they want,last time that happend 6 million jews were killed. also most of lebanon(52%) which is not Shiy(i don`t know how it is in english,sorry) doesn`t want Hizbolla,ppl over there hate them as the only thing they do is getting their ass into a war they can`t win. as a israeli i saw alot of ppl die,friends who died,family who died and all of that by ppl who sent they own childs,their own bold and flesh to suscdie in the name of god. the islam is not terrorisem, Hamas and Hizbolla are terrorist and if USA can defend themself,we as a country can defend ourself. if you ppl would live here you would understand,i know it is easy to talk about peace when you are siting far away from the war,but when you are in the war and you understand that talking to a wall is impossible,you try diffrent ways. war is wrong,always,but sending child to their death in the name of god is unhuman. they should be jugjed in Hag as crimnals of war. many of you ppl live in countries that haven`t have war for over 50 years,i envy you about having so much damn luck,you don`t understand what is going to a bus and not know if the man standing right next to you is going to kill you.
  4. Kdp_poll: no debugger device

    what is supposed to be the md5 ?(it`s my dvd installed nicely on mine P4B 2.4GHZ PC)
  5. 3dnow, 3dnow+

    3dnow is MMX compatible, MMX is slow,3dnow is ok,3dnow+ is ok+ but sse1/2 are faster,maybe you can make a dual impletion of SSE3 ->SSE2,SSE3->3DNOW+ for more speed on AMD SSE2 CPUS. Note:you can`t get a full SSE2/3 -> 3dnow/3dnow+ at resonable speed. SSE2 is very large not like SSE3 that are only 10 commands(+3 Intel Spesific)
  6. a lot of "death screens"

    someone? if i got the sound i will have a full working MACOSX(ex. QE and CI)
  7. Crashes and Kernel Panics

    add to boot arguments debug=0x100 and post the kernel panic error here. when a kernel panic will happen you will see it on your screen(instead of that "screen of death" that says to you to reboot". also do you have a VIA chipset and a AC97 sound chip? EDIT: look if you have a AppleAC97Audio kext loaded(do it by invoking a kextstat in the terminal(Terminal.app under Applictions->Utils).
  8. X11

    what Nvidia BSD drivers?! the only BSD nvidia drivers are for FreeBSD which isn`t XNU compatible. the X11 from Apple is running on top of Aqua it`s just a X-lib emulation. to install real X.org you need Fink/DarwinPorts/Gentoo-macosx or just from source EDIT:there for Solaris X86/x86_64 but still nothing for XNU/Darwin, there is only Aqua drivers(for darwin) and that are from Apple/Nvidia
  9. a lot of "death screens"

    it`s working!!!!!!!!!! the problem was AppleAC97AudioVIA(yes it detected my AC97 onboard chip without any problem). it seems that AppleAC97AudioVIA got my vendorID and DeviceID which is: 0x30591106 but in the AppleAC97AudioVIA this ID reffers to a 8237 chip and not to a 8233A chip like so i guess that made some problem with my PC. i found the error with the debug=0x100 option(thx judy!!!) and it says something about a kernel trap (Maybe SSE3 code?) and it get out. i didn`t have working audio with AppleAC97AudioVIA(coz it crashed but it showed in Sys Prefernces->Audio that AC97 is a output device,so i guess i had some kind of support). now i edited AppleAC97...intel... and added my ID and moved the VIA kext to my home(coz even doing -f will load AC97VIA instead of InteliCH...) and i don`t get sound and when i go to Audio in Sys Prefernces it doesn`t show that i have a output device. so how i get the sound working? by the way i get no crash , any it`s very very fast
  10. a lot of "death screens"

    you are right i can`t find logs about the crashes and where they will be saved?
  11. a lot of "death screens"

  12. pptp client

    found a PPC pptpclient compiled by gnu-darwin: http://www.gnu-darwin.org/packages/ppc/net...lient-1.1.0.tgz i searched for a x86 but i can find one.
  13. a lot of "death screens"

    all the files are 0.4v so i have oah750d 0.4v CoreGraphics 0.4v libSystem.B.dylib 0.4V mach_kernel 0.4_1v (checked with md5) i think it might be spotlight i heard that it can crash the OS. is there a way to remove it?
  14. a lot of "death screens"

    i will check it now. other thing: on which log should i look to see a error that happend on previos boot?
  15. deadmoo image is for SSE2 cpus. so you need to replace oah750d(new one for better speed/stability),original CoreGraphic,LibSystem... and so. and to remove TPM kext do like this: su (enter password) rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/*TPM* and you will have a lot of speed incrasment