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  1. Anyone? Is it even possible to do?
  2. Many apologies double post.
  3. Hi. I am having trouble following most of the guides around for installing OS X on PC atm. I'm a reasonably advanced user (no programming knowledge, but comfortable with editing bios settings, installing OS, building computers) but have no idea how to install Snow Leopard. I want to try to be as legal and above board as possible (preferably no torrents, it's only £20 for a disk ffs), and just need to know the first steps to take, if I'm holding a Snow Leopard retail disk in one hand (I've read that they contain the full installation on them, not just upgrade, but might be wrong) and have a computer running Windows 7 in front of me. My hardware is a Gigabyte P55-UD2 motherboard, Core i5 750 processor (2.66GHz, non-OC'd, turboboost), 2GB RAM (1333, soon for an upgrade to 4GB), SATA HDDs etc. I just really need a bit of help starting out from scratch, with no prior Leopard installation or experience of installing OS X on a PC. Thanks in advance