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  1. I'm as such forced to move the mouse cursor to keep the sound when I play a video with VLC
  2. Thank you for your advice, however, I have only EHCI handsoff as option in the BIOS. And the option is already Enabled.
  3. Hello everyone, I just installed successfully El Capitan on my PC (Clover, Full EFI). Nevertheless I encounter 2 problems: - My USB 3.0 ports do not work at all, including by applying the fix USB 3 Multibe4st Edit : Fix (it was simply install the package "Increase Max Port Limit" of Multibe4st) - I have the ALC1150 and I managed audio controller to have its functional by installing the version of the package AppleHDA Multibe4st to Yosemite, but when I listen to anything for a moment on the Mac, the reactivation of his or mounted volume via the keyboard or the menu bar works, but I started to hear sound after 5-10 second. Ago as an offset. My motherboard is an MSI Gaming M3 Z170a Thank you for your help and sorry for my English writing disgusting ^^
  4. Hello everyone :-) Someone here has already experimented with a motherboard MSI GAMING B150 M3? Personally, all my attempts have ended in failure yet ... Here is my config: MSI Gaming B150 M3 i5 6600 Skylake MSI GTX 980 16GB of RAM If some of you have done so, it would be cool to exchange tips;-)
  5. Hello everyone! Afflicted, I speak badly English… Sorry :-) I have a problem with my graphics card and Snow Leopard 10.6.4, my graphics card are supported (GTX 260, thanks to EFI String), all functions well, QE/CI are well activated and I am in full resolution. Nevertheless, minimized a window, or move an icon in the dock, all that is very slow! I do not understand why… My Motherboard : P7P55D LE GC : GeForce GTX 260 (896 Mo) Snow Leopard distrib : Iatkos S3 V2 (Patched) My OpenGL Work great, my menu bar is transparent, but all effects (dock, minimize) is slow :'( thx for you help ! Xiupe.
  6. iTunes Error after update!

    Thx you so much ! Fix !! regards,
  7. iTunes Error after update!

    i have the same problem... What patch you have used ? You can supply us the link please ? Sorry for my english, i'm frenchy...
  8. leopard 10.5 TOH = b0 error ?

    Je connais bien ce problème (j'installe OS X sur PC depuis le tout début dans le cadre de mon taff), en fait cette erreur viens du fait que la partition sur laquelle tu as installé ton OS X 86 n'est pas déclaré comme partition active, déclare la comme partition active (via un live CD linux par ex...) et ça va booter, c'est aussi simple que celà @+ Xiupe.