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    removing chameleon v1

    Hey all, ok so managed to get xXx 10.5.6 working on my HP DV2000 and its working well! My problem is when I turn it on it askes me to select which system to boot. I only have OSX on the drive (not a multi boot) and Id like it to start automatically without have to select the OS. Is there anyway I can remove the bootloader in a similar way to fixing the MBR in windows? Grateful for any help Doc
  2. docmagoo2

    Tiger on Toshiba

    ok, so Iv got a toshiba dual core P300-156, attempting to install Tiger on it with the Jas.iso onto a spare SATA HDD. Got the installer and everything to run through, but now when I try to boot I get Boot0: gpt Boot0: testing Boot0: testing Boot0: error I have ensured its set as an active partition. Iv tried to install chameleon manually, but I cannot get it to boot. Has anyone any suggestions or encountered this problem before. Bear in mind Im a complete OSX noob. Grateful for anyones help Doc