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  1. I'm waiting for an MBR patch. Does anyone here know how to patch OSInstall.framework? I read that there's binpatching involved, but couldn't find the hex strings.
  2. Still Waiting for root device

    Woah! Thanks for the heads up. I would have to do more research. Bleak: Gringo is right, you should do some homework. Read some wikis, guides, stuff. In the meantime, I will mod the kext.
  3. Still Waiting for root device

    As I told you previously, it is much better to use a USB drive as you can modify it. You can’t put the kext in your DVD. iPC worked for me. It will probably work for you. See if you can get your hands on an iPC 10.5.8 DVD. Otherwise you could try to edit the iAtkos DVD image you downloaded but I don’t know how to do that on Windows. I am still looking for the driver, will probably post it tomorrow.
  4. Still Waiting for root device

    You have an ICH7 Southbridge, you wrote that yourself. I also have an ICH7, I will post the driver when I find it. That should help you boot. That Prohibition Sign and Apple Logo is the same “Still Waiting for root device” problem, hidden beneath. You will be able to see it by booting with “-v” (Verbose mode). PS: I think you should do a little more homework and read about some common hackintosh terms before attempting another install.
  5. Still Waiting for root device

    You have a G31 chipset, I have a G33. Let me know if the distro you downloaded boots from a DVD drive then I will tell you what to do next. By the way, I prefer USB drives for installs as you can edit them. So try to write your image to a USB drive, if possible.
  6. Still Waiting for root device

    There’s your problem. Your DVD drive is IDE. Maybe you could try installing with a USB drive? I used iPC to install Leopard 10.5.8. It has my chipset drivers. Perhaps you could tell us what chipset you have? I have a bunch of drivers lying around, maybe I can upload them here.
  7. Still Waiting for root device

    Distros usually have kexts for a select number of motherboards. Retail gives you freedom as you can choose what you want to have. True, it requires more man hours, but the result is better than a distro. I have a questionnaire: Q1: What specs? How old is your PC? Q2: Which method are you using to install Leopard? Q3: Which distro of Lion are you using? Q4: Are you installing Lion from a USB drive? Q5: “Still waiting for root device” appears on installing Leopard or Lion? Q6: How much experience do you have with Leopard? Q7: How much experience do you have with Lion?
  8. Still Waiting for root device

    Open your computer case and look for your HD. If the cable connected to it is a thin one (about the size of your thumb) then it’s SATA. If it’s a big one with many pins, IDE. I am sure there’s a way to find that out through Windows Device Manager, but I don’t know how. It’s not a kernel, it’s a kext. I think you can’t boot your USB Installation Drive, at least that’s what it looks like. You have to put the file in System/Library/Extensions folder of your USB drive. That will probably make it boot as it will recognise your HDs. So does the other HDD have Leopard right now? If not, it’s a good idea to install it, as you will need a working install to prepare your USB Install Drive. After that, you can overwrite the Leopard Installation. Retail copies only. Because, first, distros are illegal. Secondly, a distro may work for certain motherboards and not for others. A retail disk gives you some freedom. Third, I personally prefer my install to be as vanilla (Unmodified) as possible. Distros add tweaks and settings I can surely live without. But if you happen to own a supported laptop, probably distros are better. Hahaha thanks for the humour. And a bigger thanks for that external HD thingy. I will try that. Soon. It’s lying on my table. Can you recommend some cheap 500 GB (That’s all I need) ones on pm?
  9. Still Waiting for root device

    Um, what error exactly are you getting? Still waiting for root device? Maybe we can help better if you describe your situation a little more. I don’t know if I should advise you on EasyBCD or not, because I have never used it after my first encounter. AFAIK, uninstalling EasyBCD won’t give you any issues because you will be installing Chameleon next, and that can boot Windows. You did not tell us if you have an IDE or a SATA drive, but if you have IDE, like me, be prepared for some issues because OS X hates IDE. I have attached a modified IOATAFamily.kext, which should probably help you boot IDE. Install it in your /S/L/E on your USB Install drive as well as on your Lion drive after the install. Having another working OS X Install helps, otherwise you will have to do all this in Terminal from your USB drive. Working with IDE drives is a lot of trial and error. I don’t know how many weekends I have wasted on getting an IDE drive to boot. IOATAFamily.kext.zip
  10. Sleep not working on 10.7.2

    Hey, My hackintosh can’t sleep on leopard, snow leopard or lion. I have tried every possible method, DSDT, sleep enabler, other sh*t. The display sleeps, there is HD activity, the fans are running (Not complete sleep). But the thing doesn’t stay in sleep. After 5 seconds, the Computer wakes up from its apparent sleep. Help me guys. Also help me edit my DSDT, I am new to that thing. Oh, btw, I am a 13 year old so bear with me.
  11. Still Waiting for root device

    I'd recommend the latest lifehacker guide. This time use Chameleon RC5 only, not EasyBCD.
  12. Still Waiting for root device

    look dude, you're pretty messed up about the whole thing Let's start your install again and this time you will follow a proper guide and no, easy bcd is not based on chameleon
  13. Still Waiting for root device

    NOOOOOO!!! Don't use EasyBCD. That's a piece of {censored}. Just install Chameleon you can boot any OS with it.
  14. Still Waiting for root device

    You've to put the kexts in /E/E, because they're loaded by Chameleon and not OS X.
  15. Still Waiting for root device

    Well, you could've installed SL on an IDE drive using my newly modded IOATAFamily.kext. Nevertheless, the files attached will get you PS/2 support. (IF INSTALLED CORRECTLY) If they don't work: 1. Go to tonymacx86's blog. 2. Download [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], put it (not INSTALL it) in the USB you booted off for your install (I don't remember where, though) 3. Install it on your SL Disk through the installer. Archive.zip