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  1. i´ve installed 10.4.10 tubgirl. Well, i´ve updated uphuck 10.4.9 v.1.3 to tubgirl 10.4.10. only 3 problems solved both: 1.- Core and Quarz dissapeared, solved installing NV40.. on install setup 2.- i´ve to reinstall ac97 from sis7012, after that, sound ok. 3.- i´ve to reinstall Broadcom 4318 editting the airportbrcm4311.kext from IO80211Family.kext. !!!Here i´ve had a problem, because after editing that kext, wifi card still not detected, i tried few time without success. i copied IO80211Family.kext from uphuck 10.4.9 v.1.3 to System/Library/Extensions, repair permissions and solved. if that step helps someone, i´m glad cu
  2. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    i couldn´t wait and i installed katana.dmg, i think first version., works fine, better than before. but not quarz not core: osx goes faster than before, but i still have the same problem: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xba1f1857 . . . . . . when i try to play some video from web or vlc player, it also happens if i turn on itunes visualizer, and application crashes., it was happening on 10.4.8 8.8.1, and seeing that katana works i decided to update to uphuck 10.4.9 v.1.3 - 8.9.1, and select callisto 008 on install setup. (thinking that the last version will be better...??¿) first of all i have to say that updating to 10.4.9 deletes my osx user (that i´ve created on 10.4.8), i´ve to boot with install disc and setup the root password for my osx partition, boot again on 10.4.9 like root, ok. Calllisto driver seems to do anything, on system info card was detected like pci 256, in fact is AGP 128. then i remember captain again, and look for katana, ok that time i´ve download 2c version, and was fine, card was detected by system info like AGP (ok), but 256Mb, and i cant change resolution. Finally looked for katana 1.dmg, install it and now i have this: Radeon 9200 Pro: Chipset Model: Radeon 9200 Pro Type: Display Bus: AGP VRAM (Total): 128 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x5960 Revision ID: 0x0001 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Not Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported and i have the same problem than before (KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS....), but now on 10.4.9 8.9.1. ok,. after that.. any idea, is posible get 2d or 3d acceleration with my graphic card: ATI Radeon 9250 128 AGP, ok...it´s a {censored} of graphic card i know it... but... and what about that error: kern_invalid, it happens always until i change the version of osx, the kernel, the graphic driver..., i´ve read on few forums that is posible a RAM problem..look to this and tell me if it´s normal: (the speed of RAM) system info: DIMM0: Size: 512 MB Type: DRAM Speed: Unknown Status: OK DIMM1: Size: 512 MB Type: DRAM Speed: Unknown Status: OK i finished here, sorry for the long post. thx
  3. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    hi, to all, hi captain...for you the question;) well, i come back to try osx, now jas 10.4.8 8.8.1 semthex. PIV 2,4Gz, SSE2 katana diag: Test 1: Card Autodetection 10.4.6 Goatsecx-like install detected, proceeding Autodetection successful. Retrieved DeviceID: 5960 Retrieved VendorID: 1002 All tests passed. info Tipo: Pantalla Bus: PCI VRAM (total): 256 MB Fabricante: ATI (0x1002) ID del dispositivo: 0x5960 ID de la revisión: 0x0001 Pantallas: Pantalla: Resolución: 1024 x 768 Profundidad: Color de 32 bits Core Image: Incompatible Pantalla principal: Sí Duplicado: Desactivado En línea: Sí Quartz Extreme: Incompatible ok, my real graphic card ATI 9250 AGP 128 (no mobility) i´ve downloaded katana.dmg, but now i don´t know if that will works with my card. what dou you think about that? thx.
  4. hi, one question....? i run uphuck 1.3 on amd turion 1.8 Ghz. i know, running ubuntu, that my cpu supports 3 steps of frez. 800, 1,6 and 1.8 when i boot with ac adapter i think osx boots with 1.8 Gh fixed freq. when i boot with battery osx boots with 800 Gh fixed freq. ok, i´ve seen make speedstep working for amd cpu it´s a hard job, is there any file (boot file, boot command, boot instruction, i don´t know what...) where osx detects booting energy and associates a fixed freq to run system. can we change it, fixed, no matter, i always want 1.8 Gh, i dont want speedstep. it´s possible,...?
  5. look into the genius bar, tutorials Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial, For those of us that don't feel like looking at several threads.... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=23684 good luck
  6. hi to all, thx uphuck and others....., yours it´s a good work. after uphuck v.1.2 now i´m running v.1.3 and waiting for v.1.4. only i need (like others AMD users) it´s a working speedstep for cpus that has a level below 1 Ghz. you know what i mean.... my specs, all working with tubgirl-------uphuck 1.2-----------uphuck 1.3: Asus a6km --12 AMD turion 1.8Ghz 64 1Gb RAM Nvidia 7300 go 256Mb with titan drivers audio ac97 with file SiS7012 autoinstaller (keep it like gold) wirelles minipci broadcom 4318, working with info.plist modified in IO80...... not working card reader and webcam integrated, bluetooth (no tested, never used on linux or win) i feel 1.3 faster than 1.2, let me see a few days more.... again ... thanks
  7. you have to try with tubgirl ss3 amd with ppf patched, without the patch i had the same problems on my amd laptop, i think was ppf2 you have to download and apply it
  8. have you tried with ppf patched tubgirl dvd, i had problems with the same processor laptop, with tubgirl dvd, i had to download the ppf and patched it. after that all works fine. well not all...), you will see.. good luck
  9. i´m a Mac osx86 user 10.4.8 8.8.1 semthex kernel on amd turion 1.8Ghz, and i´m waiting for a kernel or patch to fix speedstep problems about powernow en AMD. Anyone with the same problem here on amd users?. If you don´t know about that, i remember you that 10.4.8 8.8.1 don´t works with same speed if you are on AC power or you are with battery power. Or, if you know any solution that works with amd will be much apreciated, sure... cu, AMD´s
  10. now i´m trying ti install osx86 and will try to convert a fat32 partition to a hfs+ partition....., i don´t have error message, simply disk utility don´t convert it, nothing more....?¿ (10.4.8) following step... i run XP,+ Pmanager, and check that disk utility from macos has formated the partition from fat32 to unformatted, but last news from macos disk utility was a fat32 partition, perhaps..... following step... boot again macos dvd, let me see what disk utility says about that partition, the same situation...... .... with partition magic create a second (first is for XP) primary partition that second partition "without format" , i change my partition table and be sure only have 2 primaries partition before using macos disk utility (one NTFS for XP and other "without format" partition) check how many primaries partition do you have on the disc, think about macos disk utility will create a hfs+ PRIMARY partition, and if you have more than two primaries partitions before the installation, disk utility won´t create any hfs+ partition. i´m not sure if that is exactly, but following that, now i´m installing after creating a hfs+ partition., good luck
  11. About This Mac Screenshots

    here is mine! screenshot001.tiff
  12. jeje:...., down again that installation of osx86 has been the first that overwrite my ubuntu grub on mbr, and with darwin bootloader i was able to boot windows, but no ubuntu, well, i recover ubuntu´s grub, overwritten darwinbootloader, only i have to do is add a line into menu.lst to boot osx86 partition. actually osx it´s not a primary partition (hda6), but with darwin bootloader was running ok. (see the screenshot) now with grub i add that: title osx86 rootnoverify (hd0,5) makeactive chainloader + 1 boot i have see a rammjet post to fix darwin to mbr from install dvd, but i think that returns me to the original place, after osx86 installation, ¿it´s possible to boot 3 so from darwinbootloader?, and ¿how? perhaps i can restore darwin first, and after modify darwin bootconfig file, if it exists, i think it..... thanks
  13. thanks to all, at th end i follow the myzar advice, got the ppf2, apply it to iso and installed it without any problem, now i have core, quartz, sound and wireless, all working fine again... thx to all people on this forum, and others i´ll be in touch screenshot001.tiff
  14. how can i remove that IOPCCardFamily.kext from DVD, i cant boot the DVD to install it, it hangs
  15. i have a problem with osx 1048 SSE3 AMD, hang on install boot after that line: kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8.8.1:Sun Nov 12 16:51:37 AZOT 2006; semthex: /nebukadnezar/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 and after tha line stops, i have to shutdown. Asus a6km AMD turion MT.32 1.8Ghz. 1Gb Ram Nvidia geforce 7300 Go 256