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  1. So I just got a new laptop (Maingear ex-l 15) and I'm trying to install iAtkos L2 in VirtualBox. I can boot the DVD fine but right after you enter the boot flags, it turns into a black screen. Similarly, if I try to boot it withotu any bootflags, it just hangs at the Apple logo with no spinning circle. I'm a bit baffled, but I have a feeing it has to do with the Optimus technology. I feel this way because the same exact thing happens why I physically boot my computer with the DVD. Any ideas? BTW I have a Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset that's Optimus'd to a Nvidia GTX 670m. The processor is an Intel Core i5 3320m clocked at 2.6ghz. 8gb of RAM.
  2. blalonde

    Waiting for DSMOS

    It doesn't work, darn I don't think there's one person that's succesfully installed Mountain Lion onto their 1545. I'm so close, but yet I wonder if it's even possible.
  3. blalonde

    Waiting for DSMOS

    Um, I didn't find the Chameleon file in my extra folder. Is there supposed to be one there?
  4. blalonde

    Waiting for DSMOS

    I removed them and it didn't work, still stuck at DSMOS Arrived. Should I put my graphics kexts for my computer onto the flash drive?
  5. blalonde

    Waiting for DSMOS

    Now I'm stuck at DSMOS Arrived, and then nothing happens. I don't know where to go from here.
  6. blalonde

    Waiting for DSMOS

    I followed the guide and booted it up and got up to a kernel panic. Here's what it looks like; http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/4632/photookj.jpg
  7. So I'm trying to install 10.8 onto my computer. I booted into Snow Leopard and made a bootable flash drive using myHack. I've gotten past a bunch of kernel panics etc. but I'm now stuck on Waiting for DSMOS... I've tried deleting Don't Steal Mac OS.kext, but it did the same thing. I have fakesmc.kext, and it does load; at the beginning it says 'netkas presents fakesmc etc.'. I'm stuck and really don't know what to do. I have Snow Leopard 10.6.7 installed, so I know it can happen. My system is a Dell Inspiron 1545, 4gb RAM, Intel GMA4500 chipset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -brandon
  8. Well, I've done this several times before, and I've read a bunch a guides too. I just don't know what to do here, so I'll try and find another guide.
  9. So I've recently got Snow Leopard (vanilla) running on my laptop. Everything is good except that when I boot using the Chimera bootloader, I get kernel panic from AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I've deleted both kexts associated with it, booted with the -f boot flag to rebuild the kext cache. I skip the kernel panic now, but get this instead (I attached a pic) Any help would be awesome, thanks! ps. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with 2 gigs ram, intel pentium processor and intergrated intel graphics
  10. blalonde

    EasyBCD Booting

    Well, man am I close! I've got all my OS's installed (Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mac OS X Snow Leopard). I can boot into the Windows partition and I installed Ubuntu with Wubi, so that works too. I installed EasyBCD and then added a boot entry for Mac. When I select the Mac option from the boot loader list, the Chameleon bootloader loads and proceeds to boot, heres the problem, Windows! If I hit the tab key to see my options, I have 2, Mac and Windows. If I select Mac, it loads for about 3 seconds then my computer restarts. Funny thing is, if I use a Boot CD, then all works out fine and I can boot properly. Any clue? I'm baffled. I ran a CPU-Z scan to get the exact specs of my computer, and attached the text file below. Thanks in advanced! report.txt
  11. Ok one more problem. Chameleon failed so I installed Windows, installed EasyBCD and added a boot entry for Mac. I can almost successfully dual boot but I get a kernel panic when I don't boot into safe mode. It talks about apple intel cpu power management and something to do with that. I figure since I can boot into safe mode that it must be a kext. Any ideas? EDIT: It boots with the cd, but i get the error "can't find mach_kernel" when booting from the hard drive. EDIT2: I used ShowAllFiles and saw that mach_kernel is infact on the Mac partition.
  12. Ok one more problem now. (btw thanks rlf) My whole hard drive is GPT format and I just was informed Windows 7 can't install on a GPT formatted hdd. What the am I supposed to do now. I was so excited to have an awesome Windows 7 dual boot Snow Leopard system but the dream seems to be slowly fading. One thing I've figured out is that I can create a hybrid MBR/GPT system, but I am dumbfounded as to how to make one. If you know of, or could write, a very detailed guide on how to dual boot using the hybrid method, I would appreciate it fully!
  13. Ok so I had everything working PERFECTLY... Then I updated on accident and I got a dumb kernel panic. So I'm in the process of reinstalling it, but I want to make sure it doesn't happen again. What can I do?
  14. So, I bought the retail Mac OS X Snow Leopard disk from Best Buy today. I was excited because I wanted to put it on my Inspiron 1545. I got home and have spent over four hours trying to get it to work. I get the same error every time. "appleyukon2: rxringsize<= 1024, txringsize 256, rx_max_le 1024, tx_max_le 768, st_max_le 3328" followed by "wl0: Broadcom BCM4315 802.11 Wireless Controller" then the infamous still waiting for root device hang. I've tried 4 different boot disks (the 3 versions of boot 132 and snowboot) but I get the same error. ANY help at all would be amazing!