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  1. Actually there's reason why MBP is more expensive than MB. I'm a iMac G5, iBook G4 and MacBook CD user and as for me, MBP is still at the top of my dream list. I adore MBP because of it's beautiful casing, with good keyboard and nice widescreen LCD. It is also not really heavy for me, just a little bit big. If you are considering about weight, MBP is surely weight more than MB. As far as I concern, now both MB and MBP can be upgraded their RAM up to 3GB and for the CardExpress slot, there's not much hardware that use that type of slot now, it's still new things, I also could not find out what hardware that can be use with that things. All I can say is, besides the video card, aluminium casing, illuminated keyboard and bigger LCD, there's no other reason for you to get MBP. If you can get over with all the stuff above, just go for MB. For presentation, you'll need to buy VGA connector, I already forgot it's price because I bought it together with my MB last time. As for free software, I didn't know that. Maybe in your place there's something like that. But in my place, if you bought your OS / Macs and in 30 days they released new version of it, you can claim Apple to change your OS / Macs with the latest one, without need to pay anything. Don't worry about the hardware support. If you buy Macs, it should can support new OS for at least 4 or 5 years. My 4 years iBook and my 2 years iMac G5 still can run Tiger without any problem. So you don't have to worry about it. It's not like Vista. Anyway, Vista is a major updates from Microsoft, if you bought computer that meet Vista requirements now, it should support you for the next 2 or 3 years. As for the s-video wire, I think you can try to as kaat any Apple Store. I think they sell the s-wire converter. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. Any USB mouse should be working very nice with all Macs. And for the antivirus, I could not help you because I didn't really know about it. Last time I use antivirus for Mac is when the first month I bought my iBook, that's 4 years ago. Never ever think of antivirus in Mac anymore.
  2. AppleTV Screensaver for OS X!

    Work nicely on my MB. Thanks.
  3. Bootcamp Vista errors on boot

    Last night I found one more thing, even though I set in Mac OS startup disk to boot to Macintosh HD, but when restart it still boot to Vista.. I wonder why.. Looks like everything screws up after I install Vista..
  4. Accessing Vista Partition From Mac 10.4.9

    That thing was "Control Panel\Network and Sharing Center" I've try to find what you ask for, I remember last time I saw that but not this time. Maybe there's setting somewhere to make it appear. Until now I still could not access Vista partition. Will try again and will inform here later. Thnx!
  5. Full Windows Install Only

    Well, many people loves mac because of their design only, didnt really like the OS, because they didn't really use to it like windows
  6. MAC Os on Vista

    IMHO you'll face lot more problem if you install mac os into your system rather than vista. looks like you don't really use to mac os, am I right?
  7. Boot Camp cannot partition disk

    I also faced that... The only thing I cando is reinstall back Mac OS and create new partition.. Very annoying!
  8. Bootcamp Vista errors on boot

    I faced that errors too... really annoying.. before this when i try beta vista, no prob, but when i use my vista-home premium, that things appear!! Any solution, plz!
  9. Read-only mean that we can also copy from it but just could not delete or save to it, right?
  10. Mac OS 11

    They can use car brands such as BMW, Merc, and Alfa Romeo
  11. Mac OS 11

    Since there's 3 more cat family names left, do we really need to think foward to next three years? Well, there's Lynx, Cougar and the final Lion.. Still long time to go. I am more interested to predict what changes should be after Leopard
  12. Accessing Vista Partition From Mac 10.4.9

    I haven't try to disable the password for file sharing, how to do it? Actually that Vista PC does not use any password. I read there's ppl who ask to adjust the level of security in Vista to lower level, does this make sense? I don't think so.
  13. Hi guys, In my network, I can access Windows XP shared partition from my Mac without any problem. But I could not access Vista shared partition from my Mac. Some time it shows the sharing PC in Network, and when I click to access it it said that the alias could not be found. And some time, it never shows. I checked the workgroup and both is same. From that Vista PC, can access my Mac very well without any problem. But from my Mac, never can. Any suggestion?
  14. For just a joke, you try very hard. I salute you
  15. Fan speed + control

    I read some people comments in it's official site that the application spoiled the MB fan after use it for a long time, with high RPM!