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  1. To run on normal DVD

    Before you burn the new image to a dvd-r, can't you use the 'bless' command in the Terminal to bless the new image? E.g. by mounting it and doing a "bless --folder /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Library/CoreServices"? Just a thought.
  2. Can we get iWork working in Leopard?

    Neither Pages nor Keynote act strange on my install of Leopard, I have a PowerBook5,6 with 1.67Ghz and 1GB RAM. I did a clean install of Leopard. Both applications run just like they did in Tiger.
  3. iChat 4 tabbed chats

    In iChat Preferences under Messages, activate "Collect chats into a single window" near the bottom.
  4. Working Software on Leopard?

    Working: Full Adobe Creative Suite 2 Full Macromedia 8 suite Apple's ProApps Microsoft Office 2004 Apple Remote Desktop Well everything I use daily, haven't run into any incompatibilities yet.
  5. Running Leopard From 20gig iPod

    I installed Leopard over Tiger on my last-gen PowerBook about a week ago and it's running perfectly, no notable bugs in the system itself, apart from a few third-party applications showing some UI problems (like Mactracker). Haven't been tempted to restore to Tiger yet, and I'm using it daily as my main computer.
  6. VMWare DOS-like cursor

    I tried Mac OS X 10.4.1, 10.4.3 and 10.4.4.
  7. I apologize in advance if this question was already asked on this forum, but I've done a search and didn't find anything. My installation of OS X86 in VMWare is successful, but when I try to boot from the virtual hard drive, I immediately get a black screen with a white DOS-like cursor in the top left of the screen. There is no disk activity according to VMWare from that point on, and it doesn't do anything else. It just hangs there. Task Manager in XP shows that VMWare is using around 50% of the CPU, but nothing happens in the Virtual Machine. I have a Pentium 4 HT (hp dx2000MT computer) processor that supports SSE3, I've tried a few different installation ISO's (it doesn't seem to be related to the installation disk, every installation I try runs successfully but ends up with the same problem). I've only selected the SSE3 patch in the installer etc. I've also flagged the partition as active. Is this a problem with VMWare or is my computer not capable of running OS X86 in VMWare?