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  1. ok so i recently tried to install snow leopard 10.6.2 (hazard distro) on a thinkpad r50e. i used -v on the prompt screen. used disk utility to reformat hdd. installed without any customizing and it was successful. after the restart it just stays stuck on the gray apple screen with the spinning circle. i retried several times using -x and customizing with kext files, installs fine but again i have the same result after the restart. anyone know if its not possible? is jas 10.4 the highest install possible? thank you in advance.
  2. Zack_McKinney your so right most people i know think 64bit is only worth it with lots of ram but i keep explaining the differences. 64bit is the way to go especially when overclocking hehehe.
  3. hey did you ever get osx installed? let me know. good luck
  4. @IMUSXx do you still need help installing snow leopard? Have you tried the distro by hazard? let me know if you still need any help.
  5. @Logic54 if you can't get the retail disc to install properly here is a basic guide to install using distro by hazard. if have the second hdd it should be easy. if you need help partitioning your hdd just ask or you can google its pretty simple. and to dual its best to have the osx hdd as your primary that way you can take full advantage of the bootloader that way you can select which operating system to boot. step 1: insert disc and on the boot up screen of asus (sound is made) hit the "esc" button so it takes you to the boot options and choose the "disc/dvddrive" step 2: when the distro boots up it will give you the option to hit f8. hit it and on the command line type "cpus=1" and it should boot up to the installation windows step 3: on the first screen where you see options on top such as finder, utilities, etc click on "utilities" and on the drop down menu select "disk utilities" step 4: when the menu window opens click on "erase" and select your partition on the left hand side. then on the bottom right side select "mac osx journaled" and click "erase" it will ask you to confirm so do so. then exit "disk utilities" step 5: follow the agreement page and select your partition and when you get to the window with a "customize" button on the bottom left click it. this is the most important part so select only the right kext files here. this was my setup which seems to work almost flawlessly: -atheosfix -elliottforcelegacy -achisatafix -smbiosresolver -uuid -efi 10.5 bootloader -nvinject -macam step 6:once your done selecting your custom kext files select done and just follow the prompts until it installs. if you did everything correctly it will have a giant green check mark upon successful installation step 7:again depending if this is going to be your primary os or not go to your bios screen on boot up(f2) and select this partition to be your primary boot. that way you can take full advantage of the chameleon bootloader. and now your hackinstosh is all set. if you have any questions or need further assistance just pm and i'll help in anyway possible. and i would'nt mind some positive points.
  6. success story!!! i downloaded the latest voodoops2controller-0.98. i installed it using the pkg installer. rebooted and after reboot my battery indicator came alive!!! i felt great. it was a great step forward. my asus g72gx is almost perfection. still looking for a trackpad fix. i thought this would fix it but unfortunately it did not. still looking for a trackpad fix for snow leopard x64. any help greatly appreciated. thnx
  7. @logic54 I agree with Capo_saric about retrying I know it's not the answer you want to hear but that's how osx86 project is alot of trial and error. And it should be pretty simple to dual-boot especially separate hdds. I'm using the stock 500gb hdd for windows 7 ultimate and a 60gb ocz ssd for snow leopard. Good luck!
  8. @logic54 no I didn't install the updates through the disc. I used bootloader chameleon efi 10.5 along with the other kext files. As for making sure you have all working kext it's difficult to say unless you test all your hardware devices. You can always check in system/extensions folder to see your kext files you currently have. But like I said try the hazard distro again with those recommendations. And make sure you delete kext file sleep and disabler and use kext utility to fix permissions. Good luck
  9. @logic54 dual-booting is easy especially if you have to hdds because you won't gave to partition anything. All you have to do is a clean install of windows on your spare hdd. After install set your osx hdd as primary boot so you can take advantage of the bootloader options. As for the kext I installed during the installation process with the hazard distro are the following: -atheosfix -elliottforcelegacy -achisatafix -smbiosresolver -uuid -efi 10.5 bootloader -nvinject -macam good luck
  10. Hopefully this works on my asus G72gx since the battery indicator is not accurate but the time is. I'll post results as soon as I get home. Wish me luck
  11. @knowskills Were you able to install the bootloader? Any other issues?
  12. @Knowskills Ok would like to know results if your battery is working well and your trackpad can zoom along with it's other features. Good luck @capo_Saric Yeah it does feel like an ancient trackpad with it's limited features hope someone can help
  13. Nope your not the only one I also posted same minor issues still looking for a fix. But the time remaining on mine works fine it's the icon itself that I'm having issues with oh and my trackpad doesn't want to expand my folders to full screen. How about yours?
  14. Good choice. I've had this badboy 4 almost 6 months the only things I didn't like were the ram speed, hdd speed and the weak air fan but it's a perfect hackintosh! if you need any help just ask this forum knows all
  15. Hey everyone just wanted to let you guys know this is a great hackintosh laptop and this forum is amazing I found a fix for almost every issue so thnx to everyone especially for the cpus=1 info and the kext link. But still have some minor issues that hopefully someone has a fix for: -battery icon status not working but percentage and time are -trackpad not working but pointer works fine -the charging or not charging issue on boot up but when you disconnect or connect the charger it doesn't change status but other then that I love this laptop I've updated to 10.6.4 and it feels like a perfect MacBook pro!!! Oh by the way anyone have any tips to take advantage of my ssd. I have my osx on my ocz ssd 60gb. Thanks again!!!