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  1. PowerPC G4 800Mhz & Leopard

    I agree with you! I think the latest PowerMacs ( from the QuickSilver ) are very capable Leopard machines if they have the original graphic cards upgraded.
  2. PowerPC G4 800Mhz & Leopard

    Writing from Leopard/Safari 3.0 on my 800 MHz QS 2002! Just for testing Leopard I've used a new 80 GB ATA drive on a firewire case attached to my Powerbook. After the clean install I swapped the HD to the PowerMac and everything went OK. I knew beforehand that the graphic card would be too weak to power Time Machine so I didn't even try it. I also disabled the mirroring on the Dock because I was seeing some tearing over the Dock which I assumed was due to the graphic card. Problem solved! In terms of performance, Leopard on this Mac isn't either faster or slower but it is obvious that it hasn't enough muscle to fully profit from Leopard. I was also amazed that every app that I've tried installed and worked fine. All in all, a good experience.
  3. Do girls like Mac users ?

    "Do girls like Mac users ?" Of course they do! We're more pretty, intelligent, creative and sensible than the majority of Windows users! Long live the Mac!
  4. Very Small Micro-ATX case?

    Finally a decent designed small case. Can you give me the link for that ebay seller? Thanks.
  5. please help me with ati driver

    Sorry to say but you're looking for a miracle. Good luck! Best advice: get some modern and compatible hardware.
  6. The Pirate Bay is down

    BTW, is anyone having problems getting to Demonoid? I'm having.
  7. iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    Did you had any luck with using an ATX PSU with the iMac G5 board?
  8. Best Digital Video Websites

    A site I cherish is Mike Curtis HD for Indies ( www.hdforindies.com ) that he describes as "High Definition Video for Independent Filmmakers - A How To Guide for Indies on a Budget". A lot of good info on this blog and a lot of links for other good sites like Creative Cow, Cinematography and many others. Bookmark it!
  9. GigaByte GA-945G-S3 motherboard thread

    Did you tried this? Where is located in the system the boot image and chime so one can extract it and use instead of the common BIOS image (this feature is called FaceWizard by Gigabyte)?
  10. iTunes 7 - Politics

    Don't expect Apple to do their job worried with old SSE2 cpus or our hackintoshes at all.
  11. I think that your hackintosh kicks the ass out of any mini, even the new 1,83 Ghz. So unless you're looking for mini's small footprint, silence and beauty I would wait until 2007.
  12. New iMacs tech discussion

    Relax... Everyone is expecting to see new Macbooks this September.
  13. Intel Mac mini Revision 2

    http://www.apple.com/macmini/ It's done. The mini maintains Dual Core's ( so no Merom as in the new iMacs ) and the old GMA950 ( it maybe still using the old 945 G mobo, no new 965 chipset here ). Speeds of 1.66 and 1.83. Prices of US$599 and $799. New Mac mini european prices ( with and withot taxes ): France: 1.66 €619 - €517 1.83 €799 - €668 Germany: 1,66 €599 - €516 1.83 €779 - €671
  14. New iMacs tech discussion

    And probably more Nvidia kext's...
  15. Good Bye

    Jas, As a lot of morons screamed for silly help, I also think that all of us that used your great work, know to search the HCL and forums and are grateful have to shout: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I hope you reconsider your decision after this Summer break.