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  1. Sorry, I am not drowing. I'm so sorry about my poor English about how to show my idea in English. I really need help. But i made a mistake when translate Chinese to English.
  2. Hi,all. I install a snow leopard in my Lenovo F41AT2390 laptop.Drivers are all OK but there is no sounds before I get the system to sleep and wake it up. Anyone can give any idears? Thank you very much. About my PC: CPU:Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 Graphic:Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS (work good with DSDT) Chipset:PM965 with ICH8M Audio:ALC 262 (work if sleep and wake up) Lan:BCM5787M (work good with get mac address automaticly) WLan:BCM4312 (work good but can not open the light) PS:The CPU Fan can not run if i have a cold boot,also need to sleep (or boot in a warm tempratrue) Thanks.
  3. Anyone solve the fan issues with a cold boot? I try everything but no effect....... Can anyone help me and tell me what details step should i do? thank you, thank you very much! My bios can't make a DSDT path,it must be used? so sad i am. the DSDT must be used? My bios can't make a DSDT path.Have any other ideas?Thanks.
  4. hi,all I'm sorry about my poor english.But i really need help about my osx86 because my laptop has a serious problem with its CPU fan.That is the CPU fan will not start if I into Mac with a low temperature.That means: If I start the Mac at the first of a day the fan does not works even the temperature got very high.If I restart it when the cpu temperature has a high temperature,the fan will work normally(it works depends on the cpu load and temperature).What should I do ?I find the answer here and there,but I can't solve it. I see some person noticed the AppleACPIThermal.kext,AppleThermal.kext,AppleThermo.kext,AppleFan.kext and so on.But I follow their way i also can't find a good answer to make the fan auto start without I restart the pc(when it has a very high temperature) in a low temperatue.Thanks for you. (If my sentence make any mistake,please forgive me ) About my pc: Lenovo F41A T2390 (not in China it is Lenovo Y410) CPU:Intel Pentium Dual T2390 (Some Mac version get a accurate infomation) Main bord:Lenovo IGT30 with the PM965 chipset RAM:1GB DDR2 667 (Some Mac version get a accurate infomation) Audio:ALC262 (Can't out any sounds before sleep and wake it,so i use USB audio) Lan:BCM5787M (Works normally) WLan:BCM4310 (Works normally after use the bcm43xx_enabler.sh) Graphics Card:Nvidia Geforece 8400M GS (Easy to open QE/CI) Thank you very much.If you can't understand my sentences.You can pm me.Thanks.
  5. Hi,i have the same problem with my CPU fan.It don't work before into the windows and restart. PS:CPU T2390 main bord PM965 Lenovo F41 A laptop(in some region it called Lenovo Y410,i am in China,and have a poor English,need help)