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  1. Hi, I would like to use iAtkos v7 but have been unable to locate it. I have several spare drives and I typically install new environments on a dedicated drive so as to preserve the integrity of my primary operating environment. If anyone can pm me a link to iAtkos v7 I will be most grateful and will be pleased to report my findings and experiences. Thank you. Tony
  2. Just received my newest D250. This one is upgraded with Wireless N, Atom D280 processor, integrated Bluetooth, 6cell battery, and a few other niceties. One unexpected surprise is that Costco automatically doubled the standard one year warranty to TWO years. That plus 90 days to return it "no questions asked" if it does not meet my needs. Now for the real reason for this post... In addition to the video, mic, LAN/WLAN, and other issues with running iDeneb on the D270, now I have the CPU change and added BT & wireless to contend with. Does anybody have any advice to offer on getting rither for my Acer D250s up and running normally? Thanks in advance...
  3. Greetings All. I am a Mac noob, but have been a PC since before IBM released their 1st PC into the wild (early tester) back in the day. I used the instructions provided by vjrngn123 (as quoted below) and my D250 is running OSX, sorta. Like others reported, my camera, mic, and ethernet (wired and non) do not work. My resolution is apparently 800x600. On the plus side, I saved an image from my MacBook Pro (no longer have the Mac) and my programs and data were copied to the D250 as part of the setup. VERY cool. A big Thank You to vjrngn123 and everyone else for all of the help your postings have provided. All of that said, I need some help. As PC and tech savvy as I like to believe I am, all of this talk of kexts and other things is not part of my vocabulary. I downloaded the G950 file and also one called D250.zip provided in another thread on this board, but I still have no idea how to get this to work. I would really like to get better screen resolution, ethernet connectivity (wired or wireless) internal preferably but can live with external, and dare I ask, camera video and audio... Thanks in advance! Its Tony Dallas, Texas, USA