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  1. I have Leopard running surprisingly well for an old P4 lappy But.. my SiS onboard LAN can't be detected or found. Looked in Network properties.. I can't seem to locate a kext option on the install disk. Are there an equivalent to try or does a driver exsist for the LAN. Thanks.. UPDATE: I got the SIS900.zip file from reading another post.. Saved it in my directory. Now.. how do you install it?? I tried the command like in linux cd /john/SiS900 but got an error -directory not found.. are there a different way I have to change directory in Mac?? UPDATE: I now have that driver WORKING!!! Here's how I did it.. unzipped the SiS900 driver obtained here on the forums.. used OSx86 Utilitites to install the kext found in the SiS900 subfolder Debug. Thanks for the help on this site.
  2. I'm getting so close!! I got the system to boot up all the way to the welcome screen but the issue now is getting the system to detect the keyboard and mouse. I think there's a kext I have to install. All I added to get past the error part was added SiS unversal chipset driver and the SiS 7102 sound card kext. everytime u add a kext from the startup disk you do have to do a -f afterwards?? UPDATE: I now have a HackBook!! Everything up and running and getting faster every reboot.. Well, I do have a aging P4 2.4 single core and only 64MB RAM video so I didn't expect Leopard for be super quick. So far it's detecting everything I haven't tried the ethernet connection yet but it'll prob work. Thanks for your info..
  3. I forgot to mention in my first post.. I don't use any firewire HW and the error just hangs while booting.. no other error just that. Tried the Chamelon patch on the DVD but I still get the error. I'm about ready to give up.. maybe my old lappy is too old lol. I learned thru this process the MacOSX derives (sorry for my spelling) from BSD via looking at verbose. I have Linux on my Desktop which is another UNIX-based sys. Running Fedora 11 and *cough* Vista SP2 which I do have running extremely well knock on wood -- with a few mods and registry hacks of course Been trying 2 days to get OSx86 going...
  4. Hi, I am fooling around with OSx86 Leopard 10.5.6 on my barely-used old laptop. it's a Hugebee (not made anymore) 2004 model specs p4 2.4 Ghz, 2 G ram, SIS chipset. Been messing around for days I can finally get the boot screen to appear had the issue of MAC Framework fixed by adding ACPI and the one core fix on the install disk. now I get ERROR: Firewire unable to determine security mode; defaulting to full-secure. are they a fix (patch) for this?? I tried one firewire fix but no luck. I feel I'm almost there