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  1. First of all Happy new year everybody ! To Sensibelchen: Try teh 'boot' file from ionitx_boot_zip, not the number 2 as you did. I do not use ALC662.kext because it did not work with my R3610. just try voodooHDA witch i mentionned in post #29. The sound is scratchy but usable as is. Today i bought a USB key that gives very good sound, stereo only but very good quality-> no KEXT just plug and enjoy. It costs about 10 euros so Try to use 'pfix' to fix any bad permission in your system that's it. please tell us if it worked to Splonk : i have been using parted to get a DSDT file . it worked fine but i dont know how to go farther any idea ? have you progressed ?
  2. using the 'boot' file from ionitx_boot_zip in Neonkoala's link works fine with USB by setting USBLegacyOff to Yes in com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra. i have been booting many times .I get every usb-key or cd-rom as i need it.
  3. Ok, i have to try that VBIOS thing . I have seen the fast USB working out then NOT after reboot, without changing anything. I suspect the probe timeout. When it works, system loads "com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHIDDriver" kext and i can use USB Key. by manualy loading IOUSBMassStorageClass, nothing hapens maybe a wrong bundle number... still investigating..... i installed voodooHDA 0.2.52 pkg and got more acces to tuning buttons in prefpane but sound is as bad as before but it is the best till now. good luck to you SPLONK.
  4. hello ! gone back to SPLONK's method. installed chameleon on USB restored OS install key installed SL on internal HD after booting on that key updated to 10.6.2 with mach_kernelatom64 installed voodoohda for sound QE working i have got video+sound+ethernet+USB keyboard+USB mouse but i cannot see other USB devices any idea someone ?
  5. Yes SATA is set to AHCI and i formated HD on GUID but Empire EFI has a black and white picture and verbose boot write with white ink on white background so i can't see what is happening while booting. Yesterday i tried the 3 versions of V108 but same results i can't go to begining of OS Install
  6. HTT was disabled and i NEVER touched Graphics memory settings so it is auto. it seems like R3610 does not react as R3600 good luck for you not for me i've just updated to 10 6 2 following Splonk's way and it work so now let's get that audio !
  7. tried Version 1.07R2 and Version 1.07R2 [Legacy] ... none booted Splonk's method is working... for my aspire revo 3610
  8. Thank you i already had a try whith this method but it did not work but sure i will retry next week-end cause i want to understand what was wrong . Did you do something special to/in the bios ?
  9. Well done Splonk @Chase M i think i am going to stop digging on the Rebel EFI way . Splonk hase done it right. So Splonk you said you installed pfix in place of dsdt ... can you explain or write a little guide please ? cause i dont have USB stick but an image of SL in a partition on the HD or the Install DVD . thanks in advance
  10. Méthode du post #8 ça marche nickel ! Post#8 method works realy fine... Thank huge @teateam
  11. I booted with Rebel EFi on CdRW then SL DVD . So if psystar can do it i think someone can too with PCEFI & Chameleon no ? my bios : Sata Controler : Enabled Sata Mode: AHCI Onbord USB controler : Enabled legacy USB : Enabled USB storage : Auto Onboard audio controler :Disabled Onboard LAN : Disabled for install then Enabled Lan option ROM : Disabled Intel XD Bit : Disabled then enabled next reboot with SL on HD HTT disabled
  12. Hey today, USB + ethernet are working
  13. Yes. it is partialy working for now. first boot with no sound, no network, no usb ... unusable but working